Monday, January 29, 2007

Orange cats

Orange felines are notorious for being "crazy". But crazy doesn't even begin to describe the depths of Carmine's personality!
Carmine is certainly active - he chases Milita up and down the apartment hallway all the time. Sometimes, though, he runs up and down the hallway and around the apartment for no apparent reason and it's quite amusing to watch him running around meowing like crazy. :)
Carmine is loyal. He is very protective of me, which is very cute to see. Just the other day, he started meowing at Emma when she tried to steal the food off my plate when I wasn't looking! Carmine also curls up on or next to me and nuzzles me when I'm crying or not feeling well. Somehow he knows when he's needed and he rarely fails to show up when he is most needed!
Carmine is also sort of pesky in a helpful way. Every morning when my alarm clock goes off, he hops up on my bed (if he's not already there) and begins to crawl on me and telling me (with lots of meowing) that it's time for me to wake up. He also plops down across Dave's computer keyboard or heads for the "shut down" button on the keyboard when he knows it's time for Dave to go to sleep.
Carmine's got a lot of quirks, like eating anything that isn't edible, but I wouldn't trade him in for anything in this world. He's a wonderful companion, and I look forward to sharing more fun stories with you.

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