Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

 We are joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop today.

I am thankful for the unconditional love Tylan and Giovanni give me. I'm thankful for their love every day but am especially thankful for their love on holidays. The holidays are rough on me as I do not have anyone to spend them with. So it's often just me and the boys on special days. 

The boys and I will enjoy some turkey today, and Giovanni will get a little whipped cream when I have some pumpkin pie (Tylan doesn't like whipped cream, if you can believe that!). 

We are also thankful for all of our readers and friends here. We consider you all to be part of our little family, too.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please tell us something you are thankful for in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tylan, Giovanni, and Mom Sierra

Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Thankful Thursday


Giovanni loves this condo on his cat tree.

Hi everybody, it's mes, Giovanni!

It has been too long since Mama helped mes post here. Hers was all busy with that pesky book of hers that mes isn't even in, and then once hers got done with that, hers said hers needed to catch up a bit on de housework. Now hers is a bit caught up on all de stuff. So there shouldn't be any reason hers can't help mes post here more, right?

Mes has a couple of thankfuls for today. Mes is going to join Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop! Mes hopes to see many of our friends there.

First, mes went to de vet with Tylan last week. Mes always tries to get into Tylan's carrier when Mama pulls it out to take him to acupuncture. Hers thought it would be wasy to get mes in my carrier because of this. NOPE!! Mes squeaked and mewed and squirmed and made it very hard for hers to get me in my carrier! Mes squeaked and mewed a bit on de way to de vet but not nearly as much as Tylan. Mes has never heard Tylan be so LOUD. Hims yelled and yelled and yelled the whole way there. Mama says that's what hims always does in de car. 

When we got to de vet, they took Tylan away so de vet could do his acupuncture while mes saw a different vet for mines exam. Mama stayed with mes, and mes was glad. 

Mes was a very good boy and letted de vet examine mes, feel my tummy, stretch out my legs, listen to my heart, look in my mouth, and even look in my ears and eyes. The vet and Mama said mes was a very good boy.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Self-Publish a Book in 10 Steps Book Review

 Many of you know that I'm working on self-publishing an anthology entitled Purrseverance. I am nearly ready to format the manuscript and submit it to my packager. When Self-Publish a Book in 10 Steps by Hank Quense was offered to me for review, I jumped at the chance. 


Book Description

Self-publishing a book is difficult.

This book simplifies it by breaking down a self-publishing and marketing project into 10 steps. This step-by-step process will get your book published and initiate the pre-launch marketing.

Hank Quense has written and self-published over twenty books, both fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of the Author Blueprint Series of books. The Series concentrates on providing valuable guidance on fiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing. Self-publish a Book in 10 Steps is Book 6 in the series.

The book details such vital tasks as developing a compelling book description, building an author platform and getting book reviews to list a few.

Learn the ten-step process that will self-publish and market your book!

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Tylan!


Tylan Gotcha Day

Hi everyone, it's me, Tylan!

Today is my 5th Gotcha Day! Since they don't know when my birthday is (and I'm not telling), we celebrate my birthday today, too. Can you all believe it's been five years since I came to live with the Mom lady because I sure can't! 

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Creating Stories Book Review

Creating Stories

While I don't write much fiction, I was excited to receive Creating Stories by Hank Quense for review. 

Book Description

Do you have a story in you?

Do you know how to write it or how to tell it? Creating Stories has the answers. Hank Quense, the author of more than twenty books, tells you how to do it. He believes that stories come from the melding of three elements: getting ideas, story design and story-telling. Ideas have to come from the author. Creating Stories covers the last two. The book concentrates on developing characters including such rarely discussed requirements such as a dominant reader emotion and the character's biography. Plots are also covered in depth and a number of graphics are included to illustrate complex points. Another topic discusses subplots and how to utilize them and how to nest them within the main plot. A separate chapter discusses the relationship between the plot and the emotional arcs. Other topics covered are: character arcs, scene design, point-of-view, writing voice.