Monday, September 11, 2023

Remembering Lita on Her Angelversary

 Today, September 12th, is Lita's angelversary. It's been five years since she ran off to the Rainbow Bridge. It is so strange that it's been this long already. 

I thought I'd share a few photos and favorite memories of Lita with you all today to celebrate her.


Pardon Lita's demon eyes in this photo. I took it with a very old camera. Those were the days...

I discovered how much Lita loved catnip early in her life. I brought her and Carmine home this little bag filled with catnip. Lita loved it so much, she tore a nice hole in it within hours of getting it. Thankfully her Yeowww! toys held up better against her teeth and claws.

Lita and Dave

Lita's favorite person actually wasn't me. It was our friend, Dave. She loved him so very much. She would spend hours up on his shoulder like this if he let her. I'm glad they got to spend a lot of years together during her lifetime. 

Lita did love me, too, just not as much as Dave. Lita gave the best hugs. I loved it when she'd lay on my shoulder like this. She was such a sweet girl.

Me, Lita, and Moo.

As many of you know, Lita wasn't overly thrilled when Carmine came to live with us. She didn't particularly care for Jewel when she came to live with us, either. But as she got older, I think Carmine grew on her. I think she found comfort in him as she'd always go lay by him if she felt crummy. 

I remember the time Lita was running from Carmine and tore Dave's eyelid (he was sleeping on the couch when Lita trampled over him). We actually had to go to the emergency room to get his eyelid glued back together.

Me and Lita

There are so many wonderful memories of Lita. She was a wonderful companion and friend. For the first year I lived in Colorado, it was just the two of us. It was great having a furry friend to come home to after a hard day at my internship. 

Lita was intelligent, chatty (to Dave), loving, sweet, bossy, opinionated, and affectionate. She may not have loved other cats, but she really loved her people. She slept with me nearly every night until she could no longer jump up onto the bed. 

I will always miss her. She was such a beautiful fuzzy. We love you, Lita! We will never, ever forget you.

July, 2003 - September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Thankful Thursday



Hi everybody, it's me, Giovanni!

On Tuesday night, Mama came home smelling like other kitties. She told me she went to PetSmart to get me and Tylan some more noms. When she was there, she went and visited the kittens in the adoption center.

You know what she told me? She said she saw a beautiful silver tabby kitten. She said she put her head down to look for his black kitten cagemate, and when she did, the silver guy took his claws, dug them into her hair, and starting pulling it. She said to him, "I see you're still in the hair-pulling stage." 

So, you know what Mama is thankful for? She is thankful me is out of the hair-pulling stage now (me used to pull her hair with my claws and teeth when she was sleeping), MOL!

And me is thankful me has such a silly Mama!

What do you be thankful for today?

Brian's Thankful Thursday

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Giovanni's First Ginger Cat Appreciation Day


Giovanni: Mama?

Mom: Yes, Giovanni?

Giovanni: You know what Tylan said?

Mom: Thinks to herself: This ought to be good.... To Giovanni: What did Tylan say?

Giovanni: He said today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.

Mom: He's right. Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.

Giovanni: Mama? What's a ginger cat?

Mom: A ginger cat is a cat who has orange fur.

Giovanni: So me is a ginger cat?

Mom: Yes, Giovanni. You are a ginger cat. The most adorable ginger cat.

Giovanni: Does that mean you'll let me steal all of Tylan's food today?!

Mom: No, Giovanni. 

Giovanni: Well, does it mean me can steal all Tylan's treats today?

Mom: No, Giovanni.

Giovanni: Aww. Well, can me at least has some extra treats?

Mom: Okay, Giovanni. You can have a few extra treats today. Just don't tell your brother, okay?

Giovanni: Yipee!
::Runs off yelling:: HEY TYLAN, GUESS WHAT?!

Mom: Giovanni!

Giovanni: What? Me was just gonna ask him if he wants to play....

Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to all our ginger cat friends!

Monday, August 28, 2023

Everlasting Love: Celebrating My Relationship with Carmine on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

 Hello my precious Tiny Lion,

It's been three months now since you left me for the Rainbow Bridge. Life is so different without you, so empty. Sometimes I find myself lost without you. I think, "It's Wednesday night. Time for your Adequan injection," or, "I better crawl out of bed so I can give you your insulin shot." Then I remember you're no longer here, and it's like being slapped in the face each time. 

Carmine was a handsome orange tabby.

We were inseparable for nearly 18 wonderful years. You were my best friend and soulmate. 

If I actually let myself feel the extent of my grief over losing you, I'd fall apart, and I know you don't want me to be sad, so I try to stay busy. Even though it breaks my heart to think about you, I do my best to smile at all the wonderful memories and blessings you gave me.

Do you remember the day we first met? I do. My friend, Mariah, and I were looking at all the kitties in the PetSmart Adoption Center, and she pointed you out to me. The instant the PetSmart employee handed you to me and you curled up on my lap, I knew you were coming home with me. I knew you were special. I didn't know why you were so special, but I decided to follow my heart and adopt you. It was perhaps the best decision of my life. 

From day one, you and I had a unique, unbreakable bond. We are connected on a deep soul level. I've learned the kind of bond we shared is exceedingly rare. Words cannot begin to explain the deep bond we had.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Purrs and Prayers for Tylan: Thankful Thursday

Thank you to Ann from Zoolatry for this lovely graphic for Tylan.

Hi everyone,

I know what you're thinking. "Why is Sierra posting Tylan being unwell as a Thankful Thursday post?" 

No, I'm not thankful Tylan is unwell, of course. I hate that for him. But I am thankful for a couple of silver linings, and I am trying to focus on that.

Let me fill you in on what is going on.

Last week, Tylan went to the vet to have his kidney/thyroid panel done. He gets this done every three months. Our vet was on vacation, so he just had a tech visit.