Thursday, February 1, 2007

8 great reasons for playtime!

1. Playing = exercise for your kitty.
2. Exercise reduces the chance your kitty will become or remain obese.
3. Obese cats are more likely to get certain health problems such as respiratory difficulties, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, etc.
4. You and your cat will bond through play.
5. Your cat loves the stimulation play provides.
6. It's really entertaining for your AND your cat!
7. Playing with your cat will lift your spirits.
8. Play teaches kittens and cats good social behavior.
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  1. Yes, playing with your cats lifts your spirits and lowers YOUR blood pressure. I think just looking at our cats does me a world of good. Better than any medicine.

    Just visiting your blog after an email from Kattonic Cats. Come by and visit us on the Cat Blogosphere.

  2. I love just sitting and looking at my cats, too, it calms me a lot.

    Thanks for visiting! I'll definitely stop by and visit you as well!

  3. I certainly feel that someone should play with me as many times as possible during any given day!