Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cat Hoarding

Yesterday I researched and wrote an article about cat hoarding. The stories of cat hoarders and the felines they own are absolutely heartbreaking.

I read one story of a woman and her son who were keeping 150 cats in their home. When the ASPCA was notified of the situation, they also discovered another 250 deceased cats in the pair's freezer.

The very nature of cat hoarders is that they keep a large quantity of cats around, more than they can provide the appropriate water, food, and vet care for. Further, they deny that they cannot take care of all of the cats they own, claiming they do not have a problem.

In the story I was reading yesterday about the mother and son, these two owners provided only one litter box for the 150 cats!

Unfortunately, the ASPCA was only able to save 6 of the cats they found alive.

I cannot fathom how any cat owner could abuse cats this way. Please notify the ASPCA or a local cat shelter if you suspect any situation in which cats may be being abused or mistreated. Cat lovers and owners need to take a stand against the abuse.

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