Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lost kitty

Today when I came back from getting the mail, I noticed that I couldn't find Milita. I kept calling for her (she usually comes when called). She didn't come. I shook the bottle of treats. She didn't come. I got down her favorite toy and started shaking it. She didn't come.

Then I remembered that Carmine had been pawing at the front door when I came back inside and I didn't understand why at the time.

So I went out into the larger apartment complex and started calling for her..."Milita! Milita!" and she starts meowing at me: "meeeeewww! meeeeeeeewwww!".

I kept following the sound, but it took me a few minutes to find her hiding behind a door by the stariwell.

I know that I'm not a bad cat mother, but I do feel as if I am tonight. She must have been so quiet sneaking past me when I stepped out!

I have gotten both my cats chipped and they wear their tags ALL THE TIME even though they are inside cats. I'd suggest that every pet owner have their pet microchipped. It doesn't hurt him or her and it helps ensure that your pet will be returned home safely.

Home Again seems to be a good microchip service - just something to think about...

I am SO thankful I found Milita so soon after she disappeared today. She's one of my precious babies!

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  1. Poor Milita proly won't sneak out agin! We nefur sneak out, but I amost did on Halloween. Mom's a good cat catcher. The cat afore Bonnie once got out in the compartment bilding an headed upstairs insteada down to the outside door. At least wif some compartments, there are 2 doors insteada 1 atween puddins an the outside room.

  2. I usually don't actually sneak out. What I do is when a human walks toward a door, I hurl my 18-pound hulk down in front of it and play dead. I'm a very effective speed bump.

    CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
    Artsy Catsy