Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday decoration hazards

The most recent poll on Cat Channel asked cat owners what holiday decoration most interested their cats. The results show that cats are most intrigued by Christmas trees, with 59% of respondents reporting their cats being most intrigued by this holiday decoration. Thirteen percent of cat owners answered that their cats are most intrigued by garland, 9% said their cats are most interested in the holiday lights, and 6% responded their cats are most interested in stuffed animals/toys related to the holiday season.

Although Christmas has passed, I urge all of the cat owners out there to watch their cats closely when they are under the Christmas tree. While some cats merely enjoy laying under the tree, as one of my cats did, some kitties attempt to climb the tree, which can result in a dangerous situation. In attempting to climb the tree, a kitty can inadvertently knock , cat owners, catit over, which may injure your kitty, not to mention the potential fire hazard this situation presents.

I urge you to watch your kitty as you take down your Christmas tree and put away decorations as well. Curious kitties may try to eat small hooks, ornaments, tinsel, or pine needles.

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