Friday, March 14, 2008

Help Pets, Florida

I received a newsletter today from the ASPCA, alerting me that the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine is currently considering a measure that will deny animal shelters the right to microchip pets.

The ASPCA says, "In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters, microchipping has been identified as one of the most effective methods for reuniting pets with their owners. Microchipping by animal shelters is standard practice across the United States, and it’s especially important in Florida--perhaps the state most vulnerable to devastating hurricanes. This vital service that shelters provide to Florida residents and their pets must be protected.

The Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine needs to be reminded that the leading cause of death among pets is not disease, parasites or injury. Sadly, it's the euthanasia of lost pets who cannot be identified."

I agree with the ASPCA, wholeheartedly. Denying shelters to microchip pets will reduce the number of pets that can be reunited with their families.

The ASPCA has prepared a letter you can e-mail to the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine, and you may do so by visiting:

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