Tuesday, May 6, 2008

National Cat Protection Society

It's difficult to think about, but what would happen to your cats if you were to pass away before they did? Would a relative step in and care for them? Would they have to go to a shelter?

The National Cat Protection Society will care for your cats for a lifetime for a one-time fee of $5,000 if there is ever an event that prohibits you from caring for your cats.

The center was founded by C. Robert Calore, who loved cats his entire life. He started the National Cat Protection Society after he completed his Army tour in France where a friendly cat curled up with him in a hole. In 1975, he opened a second chapter of the Society in Spring Valley (his first chapter was opened in Long Beach).

The National Cat Protection Society provides a wonderful environment for cats, with staff members and volunteers who give the cats who reside there a lot of love and attention. Additionally, each cat is served his or her own personal diet, given dental care, and provided with medical care.

The Society opened a special Retirement Center for senior cats, which currently is home to 30 senior cats. Bob Walker will be redesigning the space, and plans to add cut-outs of tropical fish, behind which cats may hide and palm trees with rope wrapped around them for scratching posts. The space is being redesigned to improve the quality of life for the cats who reside there.

Source: CatChannel.

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