Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Science Diet Million Pound Pledge

Indoor cats live happy, healthy, and safe lives. Unfortunately, they can also become overweight or obese due to the lack of hunting that's required by cats living outdoors. Being overweight or obese puts cats at-risk for health problems like diabetes.

To help combat feline obesity, Allison Sweeney, host of NBC's, "The Biggest Loser," and Hill's Pet Nutrition have started a new initiative - The Science Diet Million Pound Pledge.

You can begin by going to this website and taking the pledge stating that you will help your cat (or dog) lose weight so that you and your furry friend can share a long, happy, healthy life together. Once you take the pledge, you can print out a rebate form to send in for the purchase of the Science Diet weight-management food of your choice.

Hill's offers over-the-counter weight-loss/weight-management food and prescription weight-loss/weight-management food available through a veterinarian for both cats and dogs.

Remember, it is always best to discuss your pet's diet and nutritional needs with your vet before you begin a weight-loss regimen.

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