Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet, Jewel

I recently became roommates with one of my friends and his kitty, Jewel, so I thought it was time to introduce her. :)

Jewel is 13 years old and pretty healthy. She enjoys talking a lot to her daddy and sometimes to me, too. She really loves Pounce treats in every flavor and sometimes she'll stand on her hind legs to get one.

While Jewel is learning to tolerate my babies, Carmine and Milita, I don't think she will ever love them the way Carmine and Milita love each other. One thing she DOES love about my babies, though, is that she gets to eat wet food everyday! As part of Carmine's prescription diet, he's required to eat wet food daily, and we all know you can't feed one cat a yummy meal and not the rest of them :)

Jewel enjoys laying in sunbeams and laying outside in the sun on the deck. Napping and following her daddy around the house are among her other favorite activities. I recently discovered she likes playing with fishing pole toys as well. Something cute Jewel does is that she lays under blankets, especially in wintertime.

We think Jewel has some Egyptian Mau in her. She has big, beautiful green eyes and a gray coat with some orange underneath.

I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun stories to share about Jewel as time goes on. I'm enjoying having another sweet, loving kitty to spoil! :)


  1. Those big, green eyes were the reason some of my friends used to call her 'space cat'!

  2. Good article. Jewel definitely is a charmer. Sunning on the deck sounds real good right now! I miss her! I miss all of you!! Deb