Saturday, July 23, 2011

Milita's Birthday!

Milita is 8 years old! It's hard to believe she's 8 already. I've had her since she was less than a year old.

The summer before I came out to Colorado to go to graduate school, I lived with my dad. I knew I would be pretty lonely out here, halfway across the country from my family and friends so I planned on bringing a kitty with me. My dad suggested that I bring Milita because she was the most friendly of all the cats we had. Milita was certainly friendly, but I found that she was also a little pushy, literally shoving her brothers and sisters aside to get the most love from me when I sat down to pet them.

Milita traveled here with me, and quickly became my best friend. Between graduate school classes, my internship, and studying, I was easily spending 60-70 hours a week on schoolwork. I didn't have much time for a social life. Milita was my ever-present comfort. She would lay on the back of the couch and listen to the textbooks on tape with me. She would sit by my computer and help me write my papers. She'd come sit by me while I ate every night. And at the end of the day, she would curl up and sleep with me on my bed.

Milita is not only a very sweet and loving cat, she is also very intelligent, all traits the Siamese (Milita is a lynx-point Siamese mix). She has eye medication that she will hide from us if we do not put it in the medicine cabinet. She can open cabinet doors and regular doors if they aren't shut completely.

I have spent 7 wonderful years with my Milita and I hope to have many, many more. I love her and Carmine and Jewel so very much - I'm sure all of the proud pet parents know what I'm talking about :)