Monday, July 11, 2011

Strangers in the House!

On Thursday, mama woke up early to get ready to go somewhere, but I didn't know where she was going. I followed her around like I do most mornings. Then came a knock on the door and that dog who belongs to the man who lives downstairs (one of mama's roommates) started barking. I don't like it when that dog barks so I went and hid.

I heard strangers in the house talking to my mama and I wondered why they were here! Mama started looking for me, but I did not come out. Finally, she found me in our room and picked me up. I didn't try to run away though because I know mama would not take me to meet mean people.

Mama carried me out to the kitchen and a lady let me smell her before she pet me. Then a strange man (mama says he is my grandpa) started petting me. I was a little scared, but not too much. Mama brought Milita out, too, and she was more scared than I was even though she lived with grandpa for a year before they moved to Colorado (before I was born).

Then mama put me back in our room and they all left somewhere and Milita, Jewel, and I enjoyed some peace in the house.

They all came back later and mama brought me back to grandpa and that strange lady (mama says she is grandpa's girlfriend). The lady smelled nice, but she kept flashing the camera at me and I don't like the flash too much, but I was patient because I know mama loves me and I wanted her to be happy.

After mama set me down on the floor, I ran off and sat in the hallway and let everyone admire how cute I am from a distance. I kept watching them to see what they were doing. Then the strangers left and mama gave me and Milita a lot of love and cuddles!


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