Monday, February 6, 2012

The Flyer Program: Good Samaritan Pet Center

It's very sad to think about, but sometimes we have to surrender a pet. This could be due to an owner passing away or severe allergies, for instance. If you find yourself in the difficult position of having to surrender a pet and live in the Denver-metro area, you don't have to take your pet to a shelter for him or her to find a new forever home. The Good Samaritan Pet Center offers the flyer program as an alternative to taking your pet to a shelter if you need to find him or her a new home.

The flyer program would be especially good for those who do not need to find a new home for their pets immediately as the main requirement of the program is that you must be able to keep the pet in your home until a new home is found.

You must fill out an application and either submit via the Good Samaritan website or mail in order to be considered for the flyer program. After reviewing your application, someone at the organization will contact you in order to get more information about your pet as well as a photo, both of which will be utilized to create a flyer. Not only will Good Samaritan distribute the flyer to pet-friendly businesses in the Denver-metro area, such as veterinarians, pet stores, and pet hospitals, the organization will also post your pet's photo and information on their website as well as on and You will also receive a copy of the flyer of which you may make copies and distribute as well.

The organization requires a $20 donation when you enter into the program. They also suggest asking for a fee for rehoming your pet to ensure the potential owner is serious about and can afford to take care of a pet.

If you need to surrender a pet and are able to keep him or her in your home until you can find a new forever home for your furry friend, I would encourage you to check out the flyer program through Good Samaritan Pet Center. You can find more information by visiting the organization's website. To submit an application to the program, click here.

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  1. It is really sad if you have to surrender your fur family, but this program sounds good as an alternative. You can make sure your fur baby has a new forever home.

  2. What a heartbreaking decision it must be to have to give up your pet. We can't even begin to imagine. But we are glad someone is thinking of such issues, and this sounds like a good program.

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