Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Discounted Adoptions at Denver Dumb Friends League

If you live in Colorado and have been considering adopting a new furry friend, this may be the perfect time to do so.  From now through June 30, 2012, the Denver Dumb Friends League will take $50 off the adoption fee for any cat or dog one year of age or older.

While kittens and puppies are certainly adorable, adopting a cat or dog over the age of one is actually a very good idea and can prove to be beneficial for people in many different types of situations.  First, training, housebreaking, and chasing after a kitten or puppy takes a lot of energy.  Adult cats and dogs are still playful and quite enjoyable to be around, but they don't require you to train them the way a puppy or kitten does.  A full-grown cat, for instance, will already know how to use its litterbox and knows better than to jump up and hang from the curtains by its claws.

When you adopt an adult cat or dog, you also get a chance to see what kind of pet you're really taking home as their personalities are already formed.  A cat who enjoys sitting in your lap and being pet at the shelter will also enjoy sitting in your lap and being pet when you take him or her home (after the adjustment period, of course).

Unfortunately, adult cats often have a harder time getting adopted as many people want a kitten.  The truth is, though, kittens won't remain kittens for long before they grow into adult cats themselves.  Personally, I think grown-up cats are just as cute, fuzzy, and cuddly as kittens are. :)

All canine and feline adoption fees at the Denver Dumb Friends League include a spay/neuter surgery, a free office visit with a participating vet, all initial vaccinations, a bag of Hill's Science Diet cat or dog food, and a microchip ID implant.

If you are interested in adopting a pet from the Denver Dumb Friends League, you may visit their locations:

Quebec Street Shelter:
2080 S. Quebec St.
Denver, CO 80231

Buddy Center:
4556 Castleton Court
Castle Rock, CO 80109

The Shops at Northfield Stapleton:
8316 Northfield Blvd., Suite 1660
(On Main Street, located between The Buckle and Hot Topic)

You can also view all of the available pets for adoption on the Dumb Friends website.

We hope many furry friends find forever homes. :)


Denver Dumb Friends League  


  1. Oh how I love adoptions, any time, any place!

  2. I hope this information encourages more adoptions!

  3. What a great promotion. We sure hope it leads to lots of furries finding their loving forever homes!

  4. Hi Sierra,

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your nice comment. PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) is located in Norwalk, Connecticut (Fairfield County). Thank you for passing along the word to your friends in the area)! :)


    Your pals at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  5. It's a great promotion! We sure hope all the animals, but especially the adult cats, get some new forever homes!
    : ) Katie