Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day!

It's Dr. Seuss Day!!!!!  Here's our pictures and rhymes.  We hope you enjoy!

I love to lay in the sink!
My favorite color is pink!
I like to watch the humans from the ledge by the stairs,
It's my spot; no other cat is allowed to sit there!

At night, I zoom down the hall,
Sitting up high makes me feel really tall!
Mommy gives me lots of kisses on my head,
I curl up with her while she's asleep in her bed.

Mommy says I have nice fluffy orange fur,
When the humans pet me, I purr and purr.
I think I'll go have a nap in my nice soft bed,
Or maybe.....I'll steal Lita's bed instead!

I'm a kitty who's really sweet,
When I'm really happy, I "tweet."
Mommy says I came from a litter of six,
She says I'm a beautiful Siamese mix!

I like to watch from high above,
I give hugs to the humans I love.
The laser pointer is what I love to chase,
Being cuddled in the human's arms is my favorite place.

All sorts of treats I love to eat,
Fish, chicken, ham, or any sort of meat.
I love my brother, even if I don't show him so,
But I don't want him to know!

We hope you enjoyed our pictures and rhymes! We are looking forward to seeing all of yours!!


  1. Brilliant! Bravo!

    Our human is NOT creative and couldn't come up with a poem to save her soul, so we have a post up only because Ann at Zoolatry sent us a couple of graphics!

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

  2. Woof! Woof! PAWsome! Happy Dr Seuss Day! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Fabulous, awesome
    furry friends post...
    cannot decide
    what we like most!
    You wrote your rhymes ever so well,
    for sharing with all on Dr Seuss Day...
    Here's eight paws up
    coming your way!

  4. Pawsome poem!!!!!
    You are so creative... me needs a more poetic mommy. (Juss kidding me loves my mommy.)

  5. Great poetry, you two. Enjoyed your post.

  6. We DID enjoy your pictures and rhymes! Happy Dr. Seuss Day, dear friends! :)

  7. That is a Pawsome poem, New to your blog, and are going to follow along!!

  8. What an excellent poem! We're sure Dr. Seuss would have loved it!!

  9. You precious two darlings. My mommy sends lots of kissies to you and want to pet you.

  10. I love your poem! It rhymes very nicely and your words are so cute :-)