Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mama's Going to See a Famous Cat Behaviorist!

Mama told us she's going to see Jackson Galaxy the cat behaviorist later tonight.  She's going to go listen to him read from his book and then get a copy autographed to us!  Mama says he does really great work with kitties and teaches their owners about what kitties want and need from them so they can live happily with their human companions.  We have watched, "My Cat From Hell," with Mama before and we like to see the happy endings :)

We hope our Mama will read his book to us; we like it when she reads to us.  We hope she shows this nice man our pictures later, so he can see how lucky she is to have us as her babies! :)

~Milita and Carmine


  1. I imagine your mom will tell him all about you and how wonderful you are. purrs

  2. Your Mama sure is lucky! We really like Jackson Galaxy, too. :)

    We bet your Mama will tell him that you are beautiful and sweet!


  3. I never thought of reading to our cats. I bet they would pick up the intention through voice inflections. Thanks for commenting on my blog recently!!