Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Update on Carmine

I wanted to give everyone a little update about Carmine.

Some days he eats well.  Other days I have to try to get him to eat his noms about five times before he'll eat a decent portion of them.  He will eat his kibbles regularly as they're in my room, but the wet food is a little harder to get him to eat some days, depending on how nervous he is.  He needs his wet noms for his FLUTD.  We've been mixing a little extra water into his wet noms so when he eats some, he's getting a good bit of water. :)

I went out and bought the Comfort Zone diffuser like many of you suggested and that seems to be helping him quite a bit, actually!  Thank you everyone who has been offering suggestions, purrs, prayers, hugs, and kind words.  We appreciate you all so much! :)

Carmine still isolates himself in his cube a bit more than I'd like, but he has been running around at night more, which is a good sign.  When everyone but me is asleep I think he's most comfortable.  He has been acting like his usual self more often at night since I plugged in the Comfort Zone in our room. It's nice to see him improving.

Carmine has a vet appointment on Tuesday (because they aren't open on Mondays).  We'll see if he's losing any weight, and if he is, how to get some of that weight back on him.

Thank you all for your support.  It means a lot to us :)


  1. Oh good news. Glad he is relaxing a little bit and eating a little more. Let us know what the vet says.

  2. That is very good news, we hope Carmine has a good visit to the vets and hasn't lost any weight. Roll on the time when the basement noise mongers leave!

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  3. I forgot about the basement noise. Poor baby. Lets see what the Vet says and remember there are appetite enhancers.

  4. Purrrrrring that Carmine will starting eating better soon, and nothing is wrong with him.

    Hang in there, Carmine. The little noise makers will leave, eventually.

  5. Continued purrs to him. Our Derry gets stressed with the chaos next door too (two young kids, one with a bona fide mental health + behavioral issue, plus fighting parents).

    We hope the Feliway/Comfort Zone continues to help. Check your local "mom and pop" pet supply stores for the Vetri-Science Composure treats, or the Pet Naturals Calming Treats, if you feel you need something else.

    Paws crossed all will be well!

  6. We're glad Carmine is doing a bit better. You could add water to his crunchie foods...of course, that won't make them crunchie anymore, but it is another way to get some more water in him. We continue to purr for him and hope all goes well at the vet.

  7. That's good news. Thank you for sharing! We'll keep on purring and praying for Carmine, and for you.

  8. We're glad Carmine is feeling some better. We purr that his vet visit goes well. You can give him extra water with an oral syringe (and/or wet food with extra water). It can be so hard to get enough food in them when they aren't feeling like eating. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy