Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stressed Baby

I think Carmine can tell something's up.  He's not eating as much as he usually does and we haven't even moved yet.  This worries me a great deal!  Tonight, he only ate about half of his wet food.  I gave him the rest later, and thankfully he ate it, but I don't know if he will continue with that pattern or start to hardly eat anything after we move like he did this last time.

How can I get him to eat his wet food?  It's required for his FLUTD.  I know I can warm it up a bit in the I might try that.  I'd put some tuna juice in it or something, but he's not allowed to have fish due to his FLUTD.

I'm going to plug in his Comfort Zone refill on our first trip over on Saturday so it can run for a couple of hours before he gets there.  Maybe that will help him a bit?

Does anyone have any other ideas how I can get him to eat?


  1. Getting a cat to eat can be quite the challenge. Heating it sometimes works, trying different flavors, seems like there is no sure thing. I hope things settle down quickly and everyone resumes their normal soon!

  2. We hope Carmine starts eating better. You can get canned chicken (look for the kind in water) and mix a little of the chicken juice in his tuna juice, but chicken. Our mom does that for us sometimes. And then you can make yourself a chicken sandwich!

  3. Yes, heating it up in the microwave for a few seconds will help release the smell. Maybe that will help. If you've been packing everything up around him, he probably is not liking the changes. Once you're settled into the new place, we bet he will be better. Running the Comfort Zone for a few hours sounds like a good idea..

    Purrs and prayers!