Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jewel Visited!!

Jewel came to visit us today!!!  Yes, Jewel is still with us...I suppose I should have clarified that yesterday!  Sorry if I confused anyone!!  Jewel was one of the roommates cats.  I love her like she's my kitty, even though I guess she's technically not mine.  It had been over two months since I saw her last and missed her very badly.

The babies all got along a lot better than I expected they would after being separated for two months.  Carmine kept following Jewel around.  It was really cute.  Lita was pretty good.  She just kind of sat and watched Jewel.  Jewel wasn't even all that crabby to them.  She seemed quite happy to visit (except for the car ride, apparently).  She found one of the babies' catnip bananas and had fun with that :)

Here are a couple of pictures I took of her while she was here.


  1. OH Jewel..I thought you were a resident. xoxox

  2. How wonderful, thanks for making my whiskers grin up!

  3. Oh! Mes thought Jewel Lived there too!
    What a great looking girl!

  4. He that's great that Jewel came back. I hope she stays!

    How pawsome