Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Beautiful Babies from Cat Care Society!

I went to Cat Care Society to get Jewel's meds for her daddy on Tuesday.  While I was there, I visited with some more kitties!!

I don't know most of their names, but maybe somebody from Cat Care will stop by and tell me some of them :)

It's dinnertime!  Ruby likes her noms :)

What's in the bag?!  He/She was so curious and very friendly.  She actually stuck her head in my bag at one point, so adorable!

This is Sue Sioux.  She is very, very sweet and loves to be petted. :)

Hers yawns!

Such a cute baby!

One of the very sweet shy babies :)

Another very sweet shy baby.

I have said it many times, and I'm sure I'll say it many more - Cat Care Society is one of the best cat shelters I've visited.  I mean, I hate seeing cats in any shelter as they all deserve loving homes, but if they have to wait in a shelter for a home, Cat Care is truly one of the very best!

You can see all the kitties they have for adoption at the Cat Care Society website.  I hope a lot of these sweet, precious babies find loving forever homes very soon.


  1. Wonderful kitties. I hope they find their forever homes very soon.

  2. Sweethearts. I love all kitties and if I were Queen or a billionaire no kitty would be lacking.

  3. We're glad to see a *good* shelter. Our city's is a high kill one, all the cats are stuck in their own small cages and not allowed to mingle, have no daylight, etc. It's beyond depressing.

    Now the shelter we were adopted from, out of town, is small and crowded, but a lot of the cats roam freely or roam freely in specific rooms, at least while volunteers are there, and they all have plenty of windows and daylight. It's not much, but it's better than what this city does.

  4. Mom Julie just wants to reach into the pictures and give everyone scritches, they are so cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend, furriends!

  5. Sweet, beautiful ones. We're purring hard that they find forever homes soon! Purrs from the crew at

  6. They are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing about them. We hope they all find forever homes for the holidays!

  7. I want to take the super floofy one home right now. I just tweeted this

  8. They are all so adorable! We hope they all get great homes really soon.

  9. Thanks, everyone!!

    @Fuzzy Tales - We have shelters like that around, too. I know of at least one shelter that is high-kill, and I cannot stand it! It breaks my heart to even *think* about it. All the babies deserve to be loved and live in a great home with great people.

    If I ever won a ton of money, I'd love to save more babies, especially the elderly ones and special needs babies as I know they have the hardest time finding homes.

    We so hope the babies all find homes!

  10. @Caren and Cody, thank you so much for tweeting our post! We're sure the babies at Cat Care appreciate it too <3

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