Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seven Things About Us

We got this award from Hannah and Lucy.  If you have not visited them, you should go check out their blog!  They are cool kitties :)

We know it only says we are to share 7 things about us, but we are each going to take a turn sharing things about us because we can't decide who gets the extra one, MOL!

Milita will go first this time.

1. Every time mama gets out of her chair, I steal it from her.  It is my new favorite spot to sleep.

2. I drink more water than Carmine.

3. My favorite toys are the laser pointer and fishing pole toys.

4. When my favorite people hold and snuggle me, I tweet.

5. When mama watches Meerkats I stand up and poke at the screen with my paws.

6. I love to lay on fleece blankies!

7. I poke at people when they are eating chicken until they give me a piece!

Now it's Carmine's turn.

1. When mama works on the computer, I sleep in my bed on top of her desk.

2. I love being near my mama and I follow her around the house so I can always be by hers.

3. I remind mama when it's time for dinner by sitting on the counter and meowing.

4. When mama wakes up, I immediately demand she pet me!

5. I love my fishing pole and catnip toys.

6. I love to nom Greenies treats; they is so good!

7. When mama reads a book, I promptly get in her lap and lay on it.


  1. Congrats on the very nice award!!! Your lists were fun to read and I love the fishy pole too!

  2. I love to learn more about my friends!!!!!

  3. Those were some great things! We enjoyed learning more about you both. :)

  4. Congratulations! Love learning seven things about EACH of you!

  5. Congrats on your award! And we enjoyed learning more things about you two!!

  6. Thanks for let me know these about you!!!
    Drinking water is very important for everyone of us!! It's keeping our kidney function great!! So, drink more!!

  7. SO nice of you to drop by my place. Please come by anytime and I will do the same.

    Meg and Quill