Friday, December 28, 2012

Jewel's Visiting

We've had Jewel staying with us for almost a week now.  We really like having her around!

After experimenting with her renal food, I've discovered that she WILL NOT eat it!  She's quite stubborn.  She won't eat it warm or cold, with water or without water, by itself or mixed with other food.  She'd only take a couple of bites and walk away.

I think she's lost more weight in the last month, though I'm not completely sure because I don't have a scale, so I decided it would probably be best for her to eat what she wants instead of trying to force her to eat the kidney food.  Tonight, I gave her the same stuff Milita eats, and Jewel ate nearly all of it!

Our vet doesn't open until Jan 2, which is when Carmine goes in for his three-month anal gland expression, and Milita goes in for her yearly check-up.  While I'm there, I will confirm that we are doing the right thing with Jewel here.  Her kidney medication goes on her wet food, though, so she wasn't getting hardly any before.  I figure it's better for her to eat something and get her medication than not.  I think the vet expressed the same sentiment to her dad, but I will double check.  I went to the CRF website and found several canned food options that have low phosphorus, protein, and sodium, and a higher fat content, and I plan to get Jewel some of those for her to eat.  She will still be eating her k/d kibbles as she doesn't seem to mind eating those.

I'll be sad when she leaves.  It's been nice having her around again.  Here, she's decided to take over one of Carmine's cubes.  He doesn't seem to mind sharing with her :)

We hope that everyone is well and had a good Christmas!  


  1. It's great that you're getting a chance to visit with Jewel. Our vet has always said eating something is better than not eating, especially if you're giving her meds in the canned food and she isn't getting it.

    At one point, Newton needed powdered meds, and I was able to kind of knead them into pill pocket to make a pill pocket/medication putty, and he ate that very happily. That might be an additional option if it's a powdered medication and she goes off canned food again.

    Many purrs for Jewel. She's such a beautiful girl!

  2. How nice that Jewel is visiting with you. You're right, it's much better for Jewel to eat something than forcing the prescription food on her. We hope you can get some of the other food options for her.

  3. It's nice that Jewel is visiting with you. Have you tried Purina NF? Mom says her crf kitties liked it better than KD.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. aw, what a cute kitty! How nice to have a visitor!
    I dont know what her kidney problems are, but with Leo's, he just has to avoid anything with fish. not easy since lots of catfood has fish, but it's certainly do-able for us!
    I do think that eating is better than not eating though, so you're doing the right thing I'm sure.

  5. What a sweet girl Jewel is. We agree, eating something is better than not eating at all. We have our paws crossed that you can find some kidney foods she will eat.

    Happy New Year!