Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pet Poison Helpline Now Smart Phone Friendly

Pet Poison Helpline has recently released an iPhone app that contains a database of over 200 toxic substances for pets.  

The app, called "Pet Poison Help," features a full-color photo and description of over 200 toxic substances, such as medications, plants, food, and household cleaning chemicals often found around the house or yard.  The symptoms a pet may experience after ingestion as well as the severity of the poison ("mild to moderate" or "moderate to severe") are also displayed for each substance.  

It is important to note that potential antidotes and in-depth treatment options are not offered in this app, as Pet Poison Helpline feels pet owners should always seek out the advice of a professional when dealing with a potential pet poisoning.  However, pet owners can call Pet Poison Helpline directly from the app.

You can download the Pet Poison Help app from iTunes for $1.99 here.  You do not need cell service or Internet service to access this app from your phone.

For those without iPhones (like me), you may want to check out the organization's new mobile-enabled site, which also provides valuable information.  The site contains a list of poisonous substances as well as emergency information on how to deal with a poisoned cat or dog.  As with the app, you can call Pet Poison Helpline directly from the organization's mobile-enabled site.  You can view the new mobile-enabled site by entering into your phone.  

Pet Poison Helpline is available 24 hours a day to help you if your pet gets poisoned.  They charge a $39 fee, which covers your initial call as well as any follow-up calls concerning that specific poisoning case.  You can reach Pet Poison Helpline by calling 800-213-6680.

If you think your pet is suffering from poisoning, please seek medical attention for him or her.  

You can learn more about the organization by visiting the Pet Poison Helpline website.  



  1. That is a great idea and we will be going to fetch it!!!

  2. I wish they made these great apps available for non-iphones! I have the phone pictured in your post and I would like a pet poison helpline app too!!

  3. @The Cat Guy, I totally agree! I have an android phone and I want the app, too!! Maybe I'll write them and suggest it :)

  4. That is information every human should have. Unfortunately the Momma has a dumb phone and the Daddy has a "droid". We knew they weren't so smart.
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  5. @Cherry City Kitties - Your mom has a "dumb phone" - I love it!! LOL. I have a droid too...I'm not sure our cell provider even sells iPhones.

    They really should make one for droid and windows phones, too!

  6. This is great! Thank you! We gonna get this app - today.

  7. Thank you so much for offering to link to our post about the adoptable pets on your Facebook page, the more exposure they get the better. We thinks you can just click on the FB button under the post to do it.

    Our Mommy's phone is dumb but this info will come in handy if she ever gets a smart one.

  8. I will go buy it, It's worth the money over and over.