Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

First, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who left kind, encouraging words, hugs, purrs, prayers, and/or love on our last post.  You all never cease to amaze us with how kind, thoughtful, and caring you are.  We are so fortunate and happy to be part of this big cat blogging family!

Sometimes Mommy just gets so sad/upset about how much faster Jewel's CRF has been progressing compared to Angel Emma's.  As the vet has told her, though, every kitty's CRF is different and there's no way of knowing how fast each will progress through.

Speaking of Jewel......mommy originally got this orange kitty-thing for Carmine because he liked to curl up in the warm laundry right when it came out of the dryer.  Jewel likes to curl up by the heater to stay warm, so mommy decided Jewel might like this little orange kitty.

See - sometimes this little orange thing gets nice and warm!

The Mom: You can put the orange kitty in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it warm.  Jewel seems to like it. :)

Jewel seems to like the Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp Feast the best out of all the stuffs mommy has tried to feed her.  Mom says she wants to give Jewel a variety as she's afraid Jewel will get bored eating the same thing all the time.

So we were wondering......what's YOUR favorite brand and kind of smelly (canned) noms?  Mom says she'll try anything out to see if Jewel will eat it!


  1. we sometimes as a treat get the Fancy Feast appeteziers....and the kittens get the fancy feast kitten turkey variety.

    We know it is hard to see Jewel not doing well....purrs

  2. I like fancy feast turkey and beef with gravy.

  3. Star's absolute favorite is the Appetizers chicken one. But they both love anything with cheese in it! We don't have fish ones here though because Leo can't have that.
    Have you tried Liqui-Tinic? Spanky at Love and Hisses really bounced back after they put him on it four times a day, he's eating and looking so good! (their march 24th post has before and after pics)

  4. I wish I had some food for you that Jewel would like, but I have such odd taste - my human does not like feeding me the Nutro chunky canned food, but it is the only thing I eat with regularity!

  5. brandi liked Fancy Feast. I detest it. I love Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul. Mommy doesn't feed me a whole can, only part, mixed with a little water so it IS soup. That's what they fed us at the Feline Rescue place, and you should have heard the meows at feeding time! What a choir we had!

  6. I like Fancy Feast (original - have no teeth so have to eat the pate please). Any flavor will do as long as it's Fany Feast.

  7. I'm a fussy eater too so mum says!! I like Purina, either hard kibble (salmon) or Felix sensations - always has to be fish!! Purring for sweet Jewel. Austin xx

  8. We like some of the Wellness foods...and now Zoey gets some Fancy Feast which is a real treat!

    Wally & Ernie

  9. Those sound pretty delicious to me... well for a cat anyways ;) Jewel seems very cozy with the orange toy.

  10. I'm afraid I'm not much help in that department. I have allergies and I have to eat Royal Canin's Veterinary formula canned RABBIT!
    Love, Cody