Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Help Our Tech Stupid Mom?

So mom got an iPod for hers birthday.  But hers can't figure it out to save hers life.  I'm sitting here in her lap right now trying to get her to calm down as technology frustrates hers to no end, MOL!

iTunes doesn't like mom's music for some reason and refuses to convert at least half of her music files.  So hers looked for an alternative way to get music onto her iPod.  Hers ran across MediaMonkey, which appeared to get good ratings.  Once downloaded, though, it proved to be a pain, too.

Mom wants something where hers can connect her iPod to the computer, click on the device in the music player, and drag and drop the music to sync it -- or something else relatively easy.  The easier, the better for the tech-stupid mom!

We know there are some tech savvy kitties and humans out there, so help mommy out and give her a suggestion for a program that's easier to use, please?

Mom wanted to update about Jewel, but hers spent too much time trying to figure out the iPod.  Hers will update about Jewel soon, though.  We will make sure of that!!



  1. Oh, I hear you. I so hear you. I've got a technologically impaired duffer of a peep, myself. Bet your mom still knows way more 'bout that stuff then my peep. Everybody does. May the purrs be with you. purrs

  2. Good luck to your Mom! Our Mom isn't much (any) help!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Our Mum is brain dead on things like technology - of course she was born in the ice-age!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Our apes can barely tell the difference between an ipod and an iphone, so we don't think we can help. Sending purrs for Jewell

    Gerry & Mungo

  5. OH noes! I will see if I can think of something?

  6. I am moderately techy, but not when it comes to Apple products sorry :( I would think that iTunes would be the best option though. I always google stuff until I find the answer I'm looking for. Or make my boyfriend fix it!

  7. You can download iTunes from the internet and then add your music to the library (either downloaded or load your CDs, if they are not already on your computer). Then you sync your ipod to it. Should do it automatically, once you've plugged in the USB!

  8. Our mom is technologically challenged so any advice she has would probably just screw up the situation even more. Good luck to your mom...we hope she figures it out.

  9. Our mom lost more than 400 songs on her iPod & has no idea how she managed that. Her advice is, ask a teenager. They all know all about iPods. If you don't know any, email me & my daughter could help you. edensp1@hotmail.com Good luck!