Saturday, June 22, 2013


Tonight was Jewel's second sub-q treatment.

I was happily laying by the couch when the woman's friend came to pick me up.  Then she handed me to the evil woman who stuck me with a big needle!! I cried and cried and tried to get away.  But when she insisted on finishing my treatment, I BIT HER ARM!  That will teach her to stick me with big needles...

During the treatment, Carmine jumped up on the opposite counter and meowed and meowed and meowed....he gets very upset when Jewel, Milita, or myself are hurting.  He's such a sensitive orange boy!

I managed to get all the fluids into her, but she leaked a little out.  That should be helped when the smaller needles get here.

Then, I was trying to put the cap back on the needle so I could throw it out and I STUCK MYSELF with it!  This is mostly because I can't see what I'm really doing.  I hope that doesn't happen too often because that really hurt.  It's no wonder she cries so much.  I just stuck my finger.  If someone were sticking that huge sharp thing into my back, I'd cry, too!

I have a little bump where I stuck my finger.  I wonder if I need to worry about this or not?


  1. Oh dear!! I have no idea, but perhaps you should get it checked out!!

  2. This brings back so many memories of 'juicing' Max, as I would call it. It does get easier but is never enjoyable. Max eventually realized that the process helped him feel better and fought it less. We also helped him by putting a heating pad on the counter where we did the treatment, so it was a warm cozy spot and we slightly warmed the LRS so it was a shock to his system.

    We ordered some special sized needles that did make things do better, the needle was smaller but with a larger hole - it was a win, win. Hang in there!

  3. If the spot where you pricked yourself with the needle is still sore, you might try soaking it in a small amount of tea made with Oregano. If you don't have any oregano, just use regular bag or instant tea. Germies don't like the tannic acid in tea and Oregano is a natural antibiotic. Works really well with accidental kitty bites and scratches too.

    Have Snowball and Skip found homes yet?

    Purrz, Katie Kat
    and da Katz Gang

  4. I get B-12 shots once a month and my human has stuck herself with the needles a couple of times too - fortunately for her, they are WAY smaller than the ones used for subQ fluids. She didn't know about the tea bag remedy - she should probably remember it!

  5. Oh you poor baby. Needles are never any thing nice or fun to be near. Make sure they use a small needle on you. The smaller the better as it won't hurt as much.

  6. Sometimes, karma is a female dog.

    If it was a cat BITE, we'd say get it treated, soonest. Kittie teeths are pretty much designed to cause infections. For a needle in a finger, we really don't know. If your finger is still sore or swollen after a day or two, a trip to the bean V*T might be in order.

    Have you discussed inserting a port with Jewel's V*T? Not sure if that would be a good idea or not, but it might be easier than needle sticks, especially if this sticking is a short-term thing.

  7. Oh dear mom - you do get an A for effort. Yes, if it doesn't seem better in a day or two get to the human doctor. You did a good job tho.

  8. Jewel, your mom is only trying to make you feel better. And those fluids will help. She doesn't like sticking you any more than you like to get stuck!

  9. oooh....ouch!!!
    (((purrs))) and feel better!
    xo, Katie

  10. Oh my gosh!! I'm totally paranoid and would see a doctor or a nurse or someone medical! Or I'd ring the vet and ask them for their opinion! Hope you are ok! And big big hugs to amazing and very brave Jewel! Such fab feline feistiness! Take care

  11. Ow. I have stuck myself a couple of times, too. Not fun at all. Jewel, it's good to have some sassiness, but please know that your mommy is giving you those fluids because she loves you and wants you to feel better. Hugs to you all, dear pals.

  12. I have stuck myself with the sub q needles - just make sure it is clean and keep antibiotic ointment on it. The first few times are not easy for you or the cat. Chica hated it but Yoko just sits there - it depends on the cat. I use a smaller needle and it goes in better. You are doing great!

    cats of wildcat woods

  13. Oh, Jewel, we hope we can help so its not painful! Did your mom get our email? We hope our mom can help with your mom's technique so its a little more comfortable for you. We hope to hear from your mom.

  14. do you have a plastic laundry soap bottle, or heavy glass jar? Don't try to recap the needles, just drop them in. You can then find a place locally who will take them, or check if your v-e-t can dispose of them. One of you getting stuck is enough.
    Thinking of you all.
    Harry,Dexter,Tipp,Willow and Mom

  15. Boy, this brings back memories. The larger needles allow a faster absorption of liquid and with a little practice cats don't feel it at all. Purrs for everyone feeling better soon.