Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tips for Caring for A Blind Cat

Have you recently adopted a blind cat?  Are you thinking about adopting one?  Has your beloved companion suddenly lost his sight?  No matter what the case, caring for a blind cat is nearly as easy as caring for a sighted one.  Here are some tips to help you out.

Keep the Environment Familiar: It's very important for blind cats to have stable environments.  Don't move the furniture in your home.  Don't leave clutter around for your kitty or trip over.  Don't move her bowls or litter box.  It will take some time for a blind cat to adapt to her environment, and once she does, she needs to know that things won't change on her.  

It's also a good idea not to pick up your kitty and carry her around.  This will likely disorient her, and she won't know where she is in the home.  This is especially true for kitties who are still adjusting to a new home or to recent blindness.  

Safety Concerns: It may be a good idea to leave your cat in a safe room when you go out if he is still adjusting to blindness or to a new home.  Introduce your kitty to one room at a time so he doesn't become overwhelmed.  Block off your stairs with a baby gate until your furry friend knows where they are located.

Do not let your cat go outdoors alone.  The outdoors present dangers to sighted cats; however, blind kitties are more vulnerable to outside hazards.  If you want to take your cat outside to enjoy some fresh air, put him in a harness on a leash, put him in a carrier, or build him a cat enclosure.  Make sure your kitty has a breakaway collar, ID tag stating that he is blind, and microchip so that if he does get out accidentally, it will be more likely that he's found and returned to you.

Help Her Use Her Other Senses: In blind people and cats, the other senses are heightened.  Help your kitty keep track of where you are by talking to her each time you enter or leave a room.  Always speak to her before you pet her or pick her up to avoid startling her.  Additionally, if you have other pets in your home, put bells on them so that your sightless companion knows where they are.  

Your companion's toys should be ones she can find with her other senses.  Give her toys that make noise, such as bell balls, or that have a strong smell, like Yeoww! catnip toys.  

Blind cats need a little extra care and attention from you, but they are totally worth it!  If you would like more information about blind cats or would like to adopt one, please visit the Blind Cat Rescue.


  1. Great tips! We used to tell people to keep their surroundings the same also. Not to rearrange the furniture too much or anything.

  2. Last year's BlogPaws, my human met Odelia, a blind kitten that was being fostered by Connie from Tails of the Foster Kittens - and she was EVERYONE's darling! Blind cats rule.

  3. thiz bee a grate post guys...thanx for sharin...hope everee one haza ton oh toona thurzday !! ♥

  4. This is a great post! I don't have a blind cat, but there is a cat that I've had my eye on that is blind in one eye. He is up for adoption with the rescue organization three of my babies came from. I really would love to have him, but I'm just not sure we can afford another. I had never thought about things like not picking up a blind cat and carrying it around - that is great advice. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Really good tips! The head peep has threatened to adopt a blind cat in the past, and these are all things to remember to make a blind kitty feel at home.

  6. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and sending good wishes to me while I was at the vet! I'm home now, and so happy to be doing better. Your purrs worked wonders!

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