Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#RoyalCanin Meets a Cat's Unique Nutritional Needs

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Milita is a gorgeous lynx-point Siamese.  She is friendly, loving, and one of the only cats I know who gives hugs.  She demands dinner by meowing and banging the cabinet door shut, and she enjoys eating on her cat tree.  

Like all cats, Milita is unique.  Not only does she have a unique personality, but she has specific nutritional needs.  Royal Canin®  understands that cats have different nutritional needs based on their breed type and stage in life.  

Royal Canin Siamese dry cat food
Royal Canin Siamese cat food. 

recently learned that Royal Canin makes breed-specific food for cats.  I was very interested to learn more about Royal Canin's Siamese cat food for Milita.  Royal Canin's Siamese cat food is specifically formulated to meet a Siamese's specific nutritional needs.  For instance, the food contains a moderate fat level to help a Siamese cat maintain her thin, muscular body shape.  This formula also has vitamins, amino acids, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help maintain the breed's skin and coat.  

Royal Canin's Siamese dry food also has a special shape made specifically for this elegant breed.  The tube shape of the kibbles makes it easier for a Siamese to pick up and encourages her to chew, slowing down the rate of food intake.  I hadn't realized that Milita's tendency to gobble down her kibbles was a Siamese trait.

Siamese cat with Royal Canin prescription SO dry cat food
Carmine and Milita love their prescription Royal Canin SO, available through veterinarians.

I really wanted Milita to try this food because I believe it would benefit her in many ways.  Unfortunately, she has recently been diagnosed with cystitis, and her veterinarian and I decided it would be best for her to eat a urinary tract diet (like Carmine does).  Carmine and Milita really love their prescription Royal Canin SO, available through veterinarians.  

If Milita hadn't needed to go to a urinary tract diet though, I would feel very comfortable and confident feeding her Royal Canin's Siamese formula.  Royal Canin also makes breed specific food for Persians, Maine Coons, and Ragdolls.  All of these formulas can be found at your local PetSmart®.  You can find your local PetSmart by using their store locator.  

Royal Canin also recognizes that cats in different life stages have unique nutritional needs.  The company makes canned food for kittens, adults, cats age 7+, and senior cats age 12+.  Canned food is an excellent way to get your kitty to consume more water, which most cats do not get enough of.

Royal Canin dry and wet cat food on PetSmart store shelf
You can find all of Royal Canin's feline formulas at PetSmart.

Carmine is 10, and Milita is 11, so I was interested in learning more about the Instinctive 7+ canned cat food  Instinctive 7+ contains lower phosphorus levels to help maintain healthy kidney function in aging kitties.  Additionally, the thin slices of food in gravy is easier for aging cats with potentially sensitive teeth and gums to eat.  

Siamese cat
Milita eagerly waits for her dinner.

It's clear that Royal Canin takes a cat's unique nutritional needs into account when creating their feline formulas.  Royal Canin has been operating for more than 40 years and uses scientific research to guide product formation.  All Royal Canin products distributed within the United States are made in company plants located in the U.S. and Canada.

You can see all of the feline wet and dry formulas Royal Canin has to offer by visiting your local PetSmart or by visiting PetSmart's Royal Canin page online.

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Have you fed your pets Royal Canin?  What was your experience with it?  


  1. Truffle and Brulee have eaten Royal Canin since they were kittens. They enjoy the Royal Canin Persian formula now.

  2. Cat food sure is getting smart these days! Great review!

  3. I find breed specific food for cats really interesting to learn about. Although now Truffles is asking why there isn't a food specifically for torties...

  4. Cat food can be so complicated, says my human! Well, I look at her and her boyfriend trying to figure out how to optimize their diets, and I think ours looks simple by comparison.

  5. I may have to try that Instinctive stuff if I ever start to eat again. Great write-up.

  6. It's interesting how many minute differences there are between breeds of cat. It's great that Royal Canin has picked up on those differences and realized that food is not "one size fits all. " I'm that that Carmine and Milita are doing well on their prescription diet.

  7. We think it's great a company has developed foods specific to a cat's breed and traits.

  8. Before getting started: I’m a newbie and I’ve never tried Royal Canin. However, I spent hours on trying to understand cat food before I ordered some. I didn’t buy Royal Canin, because the components of their food didn’t match my criteria of high-quality cat food: http://whenthecatisaway.com/good-cat-food-for-beginners/

    I’m not saying I’m right (no, of course, I’m always! ), but I’d like to hear opinions on why Royal Canin is a good brand. I’m solely interested in the components of their food (percentage of meat, meat-by-products etc.). I’d actually like to hear some convincing opinions, because my local pet store has a great sale on Royal Canin products, but I didn’t buy anything.

  9. I didnt realize they made cat breed specific food! Good to know!

  10. Oh, I've heard that the S/O is a yummy food and cats love it! We used to recommend that one to cats all the time with urinary issues.

  11. Nice review. We only eat the raw food mom makes us and haven't eaten dry food in years! Manufacturers are coming around but still have a long way to go.

  12. Great info! I'd love to get some Royal Canin for our kitties!

  13. Smokey has a history with urinary tract issues. It seems to be extremely common in kitties. Thanks for sharing info about Royal Canin!

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