Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jewel's Journey

Even before Jewel developed chronic renal failure, she was always the cat in the house that drank the most water.  Jewel liked to stick her head in glasses and drink from them, so I started setting a glass of water by the couch for her.  Sometimes she'd stick her paw in it and dump it over, but it was water, so nobody cared.  Everything dries so fast here in Colorado anyway with all the dry air we have.

Once, shortly after Jewel came to live with us, I had a coffee mug full of milk on the coffee table.  I walked away for just a minute and came back to find Jewel up on her hind legs, head in the cup, drinking my milk!  I laughed and said, "Jewel, didn't your daddy teach you any manners?"

I learned to watch my milk more carefully after that, but I must admit, I started letting her have just a tiny bit of milk from my cup when I was done.  She loved it!


  1. Kitties do seem to prefer cups to bowls. I bet Jewel looked adorable doing that.

  2. Yep, the water on the BOTTOM of the bowl tastes better that the water on the top, that's why I dig in my water sometimes!


  3. That's precious. We just love our babies so much and they are completely charming as well as lovable.

  4. We would have loved to see Jewel doing that.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. jewel....we all like a wee bit oh dairy az well....♥♥

  6. Manners? We kitties don't need no stinkin' manners! MOL