Friday, June 12, 2015

Jewel's Journey

Jewel had some unique habits.  When I was renting a room from Jewel's former owner, I would feed all the kitties their canned food dinner at once.  You can't exactly feed one cat without feeding them all, after all.

One day I noticed that Jewel would sit and stare at me.  Then she'd stand up, walk in a complete little circle, and sit back down again.  She'd sit there, staring for a few seconds, then get back up, walk in a complete little circle, and sit back down again.  She proceeded to walk in circles and sit down for short intervals until her dinner was served.  It always made me laugh because I had no idea why she did this every night while waiting for her food.

Once Jewel had her dinner, she would eat some of it, try to bury the rest, and walk away from her bowl.  I figured she wanted to save some of her dinner for later, but I discovered that if I went over and showed her dinner to her again, she'd eat some more of it.  Sometimes I would follow her around the room, showing Jewel her dinner until she told me she'd had enough to eat.  If she didn't finish her meal, I'd save it for her until later and offer it to her for a snack.

It will have been Jewel's 17th birthday on June 24.  We are so sad that she isn't here to celebrate her special day with us.


  1. I had no idea that Jewel's birthday was the same as Sparkle's. Sparkle would have been 13.

  2. I do that with my food sometimes. Purrs to you. ~Ernie

  3. That was sweet of you to get her to keep eating. I am sure the 24th will be a very sad day.

  4. OMC. That is furry similar to what I was doing with my noms befur I started to refuse to eat at all by myself...

    Birthdays of our angelfurs are always hard to do...and they come back year after make sure all our precious memories stay fresh and close to our hearts:)


  5. My Sister Kit sort of does something like that too!

  6. I've been known to follow Truffles around with her food to coax her into eating more too!