Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vet Tech Appreciation Week

Black and white cat with its mouth open. The image says, "National Vet Tech Appreciation Week."
This week is National Vet Tech Appreciation week.  Vet techs are awesome people who work diligently to care for our precious furry companions.  It's often a thankless job and one that doesn't pay much.  Vet techs do their jobs because they love caring for animals, and they deserve to be appreciated for all that they do.  Here are some easy ways you can show your vet techs how much you appreciate all that they do for your cat.

Send a Card: Who doesn't like getting something nice in the mail?  Send a card to your vet tech at her clinic.  She'll be pleasantly surprised and feel appreciated.  Write a heartfelt message in your card, letting your vet tech know that you appreciate her for all that she does.  You can even personalize your card with photos of your cat.  Personalizing cards with pet photos is really easy to do these days, and many retail stores with photo departments offer this option.  Wal-Mart and Walgreen's are just a couple of places that offer personalized cards.

Bring Lunch or Baked Goods: Vet techs can be so busy that they don't get a chance to sit down and enjoy lunch.  Bring your veterinary technicians lunch one day and encourage them to take a break and enjoy it.  Alternatively, bring them some cookies, a pie, or cake to show your appreciation.  If you're good with decorating cakes, you could draw cats and/or dogs on the cake.  If you don't have time to personally bake a cake, you can always order one to pick up.  Bakeries have talented cake decorators that can make an animal-themed cake for you.

Give a Gift: Getting your vet techs a special gift will definitely let them know that you appreciate all that they do.  The gift doesn't have to be anything big or fancy.  Coffee mugs, coffee or tea, chocolate, tote bags, T-shirts, travel mugs, and keychains all make great gifts.  You can use sties like Zazzle or Cafe Press to personalize your gifts.

Brown and white tabby cat
Say Thank You: The next time you're in the clinic, thank your vet techs individually for all that they do for your cat.  If you don't expect to be in the clinic anytime soon, pick up the phone and thank them.  Vet techs don't get a lot of thank you calls, and it will make their day to get one from you.

We have a great veterinary technician at the cat-only clinic I take Carmine and Milita to.  She always makes me laugh.  She always has an answer for my questions when I call her.  She does her best to comfort my babies when they are nervous in the clinic.  She even tries to make giving medications as easy as possible for me by marking syringes with big black lines so that I can see them.  She was the one who taught me to give Jewel subcutaneous fluids and did some creative problem-solving to work with my serious vision limitations.

Veterinary technicians do so much for our furry friends.  They deserve to be recognized and appreciated for all that they do on a daily basis.

What do you appreciate about your veterinary technician? 


  1. Pawsome ideas ! Vet techs have such an important work too ! Purrs

  2. When I was at GB Pet Vet I always had Terri or Nicole assisting with Dr. Dave. They are 2 of the finest Vet Tech's ever!
    They helped every week with NYLABLUE to get her injections & give her subQ fluids if needed. Even when she peed or pooped on them they just laughed. They were always so kind to us.
    Unfortunately after her going to Summerland the head Vet to Dr. Dave I was no longer welcome (after 19 yrs custom) because he gave me discounts. n 18 months between $2,500.-$3,000. was spent on NYLABLUE, so I am not in contact with anyone there anymore. However I have never forgotten Terry & Nicole's patience & kindness!!!

  3. Super idea!
    We are going to stop by with cookies...

    Noodle and crew

  4. Great ideas and you're right the vet techs are always so good with the kitties.

  5. We totally love our Vet Techs, they are super special!

  6. The vet techs at our clinic love me! :)

  7. Yeah ifin weez had any good ones weez wuld be fankin' 'em, but since they all be a udder end of a donkey here weez'll just say fanks to those who awe in da business fur da wight weasons.

    PeeEss, weez got yous comment and fank you fur yous suggestions. Da VET sent home da Hill's and sum Royal Canin kibble. Only da Hills can so dat was an immediate NO. Me wuldn't even go near da plate wiff those udders in there. Mommy sez yous kuldn't see any of them fwu all da BB, but me knew. Me just knew there was sumfin' in there dat wasn't BB. You know us kitties be purretty smawrt. Weez glad Carmine be likin' it and duin' well, but weez lookin' into udder options at da moment. At least fur now me not be eatin' da BB anymore. Dat's purretty significant since it's been meez mainstay since me kuld eat on meez own.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Those are great ideas for showing appreciation to a good Vet Tech.

  9. Nice ideas of ways to thank vet techs! Vet techs are so important at the vet's office and are often unrecognized by the clients.

  10. What I appreciate most is that they’re not the same ones that wer in the last vet I went to that man-handled me and made me fear all vets. The practice I go to now have nice vet techs but I still give them a hard time.

  11. yea for the vet techs! like nurses, they do much of the work but for less pay.

  12. I love that you included bring lunch or baked goods in your list. When I worked at veterinary clinics, we always appreciated getting goodies from our clients, especially homemade ones.

  13. Getting goodies is a fun thing to do! As a nurses aide, (similar to a vet tech fur peeps), we love it when furmilies put out yums fur us, so vet techs would enjoy them too...along with thankyou cards.
    Um, we might not like having to put our pawtograph on the cards, though,MOL!!