Wednesday, November 25, 2015

TICA Cat Show

A few weeks ago, I attended a TICA cat show with a couple of friends.  I love seeing all the cats and learning more about the breeds.  So many of the breeders and owners were so nice and allowed me to pet their cats since I can't really see them that well.

Here's a Sphynx in one of the judging rings.  There were a fair number of Sphynx cats at this show, but we didn't run across any outside the judging ring to pet.  It was *much* quieter at this cat show than the one we attended at the Denver County Fair over the summer, so you could actually hear the judges talk and announce the winners!

This lady had a couple of Egyptian Maus.  She let me pet this one, and he felt *just like Jewel*!  It made me miss her, but it also made me smile to remember how soft she was.

The other Egyptian Mau she had escaped from his Sturdi and ran under the table a couple of times!  Everyone was yelling, "Cat out!" when he escaped.  They caught him pretty quickly, though.  He escaped a second time later that day before we left, but they caught him right away that time.  Silly kitty!

My wonderful friend, S, LOVES white cats!  Every time I see a white cat or anything with a white cat on it, I think of her.  She loved this kitty!  Isn't he cute?

This black kitty insisted on crawling in my lap, but I didn't mind!  He was a sweet kitty.  I can't remember what breed he is, though.

The show was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go to another (in January!).


  1. It looks like you had a really fun time! I know I will be up in Denver at some point, and I will really look forward to meeting you!

    P.S. I am sending Carmine lots and lots of purrs.
    P.P.S. My fur is very, very soft too!

  2. What a fun show! The mom hasn't been to a cat show in a long time. She loved seeing all the different breeds.

  3. mom has been to a show but it has been a while. it would be nice to have it quiet enough to hear the judges :) looks like fun

  4. It sure looks like a mighty fine bunch of kitties and a terrific time too!

  5. I went to a cat show back in September with Peaches and Paprika's Mom. It was lots of fun , I love all the vendor tables and the house cat competition.

  6. Cat shows are so much fun! We have one local here in January and I can't wait!

  7. Looks like you had a great time.
    Have a super Thanksgiving...

    Noodle and crew

  8. Looks like you had a pawesome time! All the kitties are so pretty.

  9. That looks like so much fun, and how interesting to learn about all the different kitty breeds! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, sweet pals!