Monday, December 14, 2015

Milita's Monday

Milita lays in her cat carrier lid in the examination room while she waits for the vet.
Hi everyone, it's Milita today.  

Last week the Mom took me to Dr. Stabby to make sure the Coccidia was gone.  Remember in one of my last posts when I asked when three weeks was?  Cathy Keisha said, "Three weeks is too short, that's how long it is."  She was right - it was too short!!

I was pretty quiet on the way to Dr. Stabby's, but I sure made my displeasure known when I was taken out of my carrier!  I hissed and growled, but they took another fecal sample anyway.  How dare the Mom allow them to do that!  

It turns out the Coccidia is all gone, though, so no more icky pills (of that kind at least) for me or Carmine.  

It was also discovered that I lost 5 ounces.  The vet tech was pleased by that, but the Mom doesn't know how to feel about it because she hasn't changed my diet any.  She has noticed, though, that I am eating fewer kibbles, and maybe this is why I lost some weight.  

The Mom also brought Carmine to Dr. Stabby's just to weigh him.  He only gained an ounce or two.  The Mom was disappointed that he did not gain more since she is feeding him some a/d mixed into every wet meal and snack he has, but she is very thankful that he did not lose any weight.  He has been eating pretty well for the most part.  Sometimes he needs a bit of convincing, but many times these days, he demands to be fed.  Maybe I've taught that orange one something after all.  

We have been getting Christmas cards from a lot of our friends.  Thank you all for the beautiful cards - we just love getting them and putting them on our wall!

The Mom wants to give you a quick update about that orange one, so I guess I'll be going for now.  

The Mom here: The vet and I had a conversation about Carmine's treatment.  She wants to begin to taper Carmine down on the Prednisolone, but she wants me to talk to the specialist first and make sure she is fine with me and the primary vet tapering the dose to the lowest most effective one.  I am nervous about tapering again as the last time we did Carmine crashed so hard.

We also talked about Cerenia, and she is not familiar with the protocols for it.  So she is going to talk to the specialist about what to do regarding that.  A lot of people use it for 5 days and then take a 2 day break and repeat that cycle over and over.  Carmine certainly seems to benefit from it.

Hopefully the specialist will call this week so we can move forward with Carmine's treatment plan.  He has been off the Cerenia for about five days now.  I've been giving him Slippery Elm Bark for nausea (like we did with Jewel).

I will continue to keep you posted.  Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Hope Carmine does well with the medicine adjustment!

  2. I'm glad Milita is over her coccidia! Paws crossed you work things out with Carmine's treatment.

  3. Hooray for the pills going away sweet Lita! We sure understand the concern about changing things with Carmine.

  4. It's good to hear that everyone seems stable and making positive progress, even if it seems like it's in very small steps.

  5. We are glad to hear you are all doing steps.

    Noodle and crew

  6. Milita, we're glad you don't hafta take any more icky pills. And we're glad Carmine is eating and feeling better. That is such good news.

  7. Whoa! I was right! Thanks Lita! SEnding healing purrz to both of youse.

  8. Each step in the right direction is good:))

    Sending lots of purrs and pawyers!

  9. Missed the update but at least the parisites are gone. Stopped by early to wish you a happy blogoversery and all good fishes from us.

  10. Happy Happy Blogoversary!!!!!

    Glad to hear the Coccidia is gone, and everyone seems to be doing OK.

  11. I am glad the Coccidia is gone. Carmine may have only put on a small amount of weight, but it is a big improvement from losing. It is so easy for the weight to drop off us when we are ill, but far more difficult to put it back on again. My mum has resigned herself to the fact that my weight is now around 11 pounds and as long as it doesn't go below she will be happy. My 13 - 14 pound days are long gone!

  12. I am glad they are both doing pretty well. I am praying for them.

  13. praying that things are able to be stabilized for both of them.

  14. We are happy that your coccidia is gone, Lita. And we do understand about Mom's concern about switching things up for Carmine. We're sending purrs.

    Thank you for your kindness in the wake of Moosey’s passing. He was a very special boy, and we miss him so, so much. The compassionate outpouring of love and support by our friends has been such an encouragement during this difficult time.

  15. Glad to hear everypawdy's duin' better. Sendin' purrayers fur continued purrogress.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi