Monday, December 28, 2015

Milita's Monday

Milita lays in her carrier at the vet.

Hi everyone, it's me, Milita today!  Did you all have a good Christmas?  We sure hope so!  I will tell you about ours, but first I want to give you a short update on my asthma situation.

Last week, the Mom took me to see the fill-in vet at our clinic, and they took an x-ray of my lungs.  She said there is no evidence of pneumonia there, which the Mom was quite happy about!  She and the Mom had a talk about my attacks and what they look like and how I had not improved on the Terbutaline.  

The vet told the Mom to stop the Terbutaline since it wasn't helping me.  They decided to raise my Prednisolone dose to 7.5mg a day for a couple of weeks to see if that helps me.  The Mom expressed her concerns about how lethargic and sleepy this dose made me before, and she asked the vet if she could split the dose into three to see if that would be better for me.  The vet said that would be fine, so that is what the Mom has been doing.  

I have been getting very suspicious any time the Mom or her friend come near me, and I often dart under the dresser so they can't give me more medicine, MOL!  Splitting the dose into three parts seems to be working fine for me - I am not really lethargic and sleepy the way I was before on the higher dose given twice a day.  

I had a bad attack on Friday, which really scared the Mom (and me too).  I didn't have any attacks on Saturday or Sunday, though!

We got a few prezzies for Christmas.  The Mom got us a little bug that runs around on the floor when you turn it on.  It has a little light on it and moves in random patterns.  The Mom seems rather amused when Carmine or I follow it around or poke at it.  She is easily entertained.  

One of the books the Mom got for Christmas.  She started reading it last night.

We also got some of our favorite ProPlan treats and some catnip mice.  The Mom also got a cat scratcher house.  She knows Carmine will probably be the only one who uses it, but she is going to try to tempt me into it.  She says it is very cool.  Maybe I'll give it a shot.  It is a pretty house!  The Mom hasn't put it together yet, but when she does, we will share photos of it so all of you can see how pretty it is.  

The Mom got a few books for Christmas and her friend got her a cool little thing called a Roku - whatever that is.  In any case, the Mom seems happy with it.  She also got a couple of kitty ornaments for the tree!

Carmine's favorite part of Christmas was that he got to have ham and then some whipped cream!  Personally, I don't like ham, so the Mom's friend got out some chicken for me instead.  

How was your Christmas?


  1. It's good to hear that you are feeling a little better with your medicine spread out into three doses like that. We hope you continue to improve, Milita.

  2. We are so happy that you are doing some better Lita and we hope those attacks go away. We know how scary they can be.

  3. Glad you are doing better on your new dosage. We had a quiet but nice Christmas.

  4. We had a very nice quiet Christmas. Hope the attacks get a little better. That Pred does help.

  5. I am glad that the pred. being split into 3 doses is working better for you.

  6. lita....mor blessings frum St Francis two ewe, him all wayz has plentee ta spare...

    N frank lee....we think carmine getted de better end oh de deel on dinner ...HAM !!!! now yur talkin...burd.......noe way !!! ♥♥♥

  7. I hope that your medicine keeps those nasty asthma attacks away. Maybe you shouldn't hide when it is time to take it. MOL! I can't wait to see your new house!!

  8. We're glad you're doing better, Milita. And that you had a good Christmas. We had a pretty good one too. Wally got a new nip nanner and that made him happy. ~Ernie

  9. Pawsome to get a new house, MOL!

    A split dose is a good thing, it spreads it out over the day.
    Glad it seems to be working so far.

    Meowmy had to work on Dec 25, 26 and yesterday, too...but we had plenty of good laps here to choose from, MOL! The unfurbros were home.
    We got some new nip mousies...but meowmy totally being lame furgot to wrap them, MOL!

  10. I hope this dosage of pred works for you, Milita! It sounds like you had a nice Christmas.

  11. glad that you are doing better but am happiest about Carmine having ham :)

  12. I am glad you are feeling better and can have your dose spread out. I can't wait to see that house you got assembled. I just finished the Bob Christmas book- it is wonderful.

  13. Thankful for a purrtee goods update dearest Milita - glad the meds are not making you sleepy. The Mom loves Bob! Hope you love the new book... -Katie and the Katz.

  14. We're glad you're feeling better and hope you continue to do so! Glad you had a nice Christmas too!

  15. we is glad that the medicines is making you feel better

  16. We like that you are feeling better. Rumpy and Buddy both race to take meds because Dad covers them with treat like we have on our Blog
    Purrs you are all well and happy in the Mew Year
    Timmy, Dad and family

  17. Sounds like aside from the asthma attack, you had a great Christmas. Humans are easily amused.