Wednesday, April 6, 2016

National Siamese Day

Hi everyone, it's Milita here today.

Did you know that today is National Siamese Day??  I want to know why nobody told me about this day before now?  In any case, now that I know this day exists, I will be making sure the Mom celebrates it every year!

Even though the Cat Fanciers' Association doesn't recognize lynx-point or flame-point Siamese, I am a Meezer.  I am a lynx-point.  When I first moved here with the Mom, we never saw any other lynx-points, but over the past few years, we've met a few.

In celebration of National Siamese Day, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my Siamese friends.  

You remember these guys, don't you?  Of course you do!  Who could forget Crash and Coletrane?  The Mom fell in love with these two cool Meezers at the shelter where she used to volunteer.  I was afraid I might get two more brothers there for a while.  The Mom says that Coletrane is the only other cat (besides me) that she's ever met who gives hugs! 

Crash and Coltrane - now Cash and Cole - were adopted right around the same time Angel Jewel went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Since then, the Mom has met their mom, and now they are friends!  Sometimes their mom sends our mom photos and updates about them, which makes her quite happy.  The Mom says that their mom is a really sweet woman and that Cash and Cole couldn't have asked for a better human to go home with!

Some of you already know these two cool cats, too.  They are Pipo and Minko from WeBeesSiameezers!  They have a really cool blog; I think you should check it out if you don't already read it. 

Pipo is a seal point Siamese, and Minko is a blue point Meezer.  

Photos of Pipo and Minko are courtesy of their human, Ingrid.

We have had a lot of fun getting to know their unique personalities!  

Ma Pettie.  Photo courtesy of Kerry M.

This is Ma Pettie.  One of the Mom's friends adopted her.  Isn't she a pretty Meezer?  We don't know a whole lot about Ma Pettie's personality yet, but we do know she gets along with her fursib, who is a woofie.  

Another photo of beautiful Ma Pettie.  Photo courtesy of Kerry M. 

The Mom says Ma Pettie's mom is a nice woman.  She used to give a lot of seminars at the shelter the Mom used to volunteer at, and the Mom says she learned a lot from her.  

Sammy. Photo courtesy of Rhonda Powell.

This handsome mancat is our friend Rhonda's cat, Sammy.  I am sure many of you in the cat blogging world know his human, Rhonda.  The Mom says Sammy's mom is a nice woman, and she likes talking to her when she sees her online.  

We are very blessed to have these awesome Siamese friends and their humans in our lives!  

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about all of my Meezer friends!  

Now, go hug your favorite Siamese cat/s.  And if you don't know any Siamese, I'm always up for a hug! ;)

Happy National Siamese Day!


  1. Oooo, looks how handsome I am! Nice to see other meezers!


  2. Milita, wishing you a happy day! We don't have any meezers to hug, so I'm sending one to you!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to all of your friends, Milita! They are all very handsome/beautiful!!

  4. Happy Siamese Day to you too. M has always loved siamese kitties and always wanted one. But instead she ended up with me, another black one, and two grey tabbies. So now she just loves other human's Siamese kitties.

  5. Happy Siamese Day! All of these kitties--including YOU--are beautiful!

  6. Happy Siamese Day, beautiful kitties!

  7. lita...what a kewl post two day !!! we DUE noe R palz pipo & minko....we meeted over at catster like bak in 1873 !!!♥

    a most happee meezerz day two ewe all !! ♥♥♥

  8. It was nice to meet your meezer friends, Lita.

  9. I was happy to meet your Meezer furriends too. xoxo

  10. Happy Siamese cat day! I want to get one someday.

  11. As the Queen of Holidays and creator of National Siamese Cat Day, thanks for sharing the mews!

    Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

  12. Happy National Meezer Day, Milita! My human loves both flame and lynx point Siamese kitties, and thinks it is silly they are not accepted in CFA.

  13. Happy Meezer Day, Milita! And thank you for sharing your Meezer pals; they are gorgeous!

  14. Hey!! we saw *us*! MOL!!

    We nevfur heard of this day befur, OMC!! And even being meezers, meowmy didn't post anything about it, can you believe it?? Go figure...

    Well, thank mew fur bringing it to our attention:)

  15. Pawtastick bloggie Milita....
    Happy Meezer day! Did you know that Burmese katss are ackshully a kin of Siamese? Our nickyname iss 'black Siamese'....
    You know thee more wee see yur fotoss an then look at Aunty Nylablue'ss fotoss wee fink shee mite have been a LynxyPoint like you.....mee-you.... beeuteefull....
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  16. Sorry I'm so late. Such a wonderful day for a wonderful bunch of kitties!

  17. As the creator of National Siamese Cat Day (and mom to a house filled with Meezers), thank you for the mention!

  18. And by the way, it is National Siamese Cat Day.