Friday, April 28, 2017

Success with Stress Book Review

Success with Stress book cover
I work hard at keeping as much harmful stress out of my life as possible because not only does it affect my health, I know that Carmine and Lita can pick up on my stress level and become stressed out themselves.  That's why I was excited when I was presented with the opportunity to review, Success with Stress by Jae Ellard.

About the Book: Believe it or not, stress isn't all bad; in fact, it's an important part of the natural world. Stress helps us survive as a species - because of that we want the ability to be stressed. That said, being able to manage stress with greater success is the difference between surviving and THRIVING. Success with Stress explores five simple ideas to spark your personal power to change the level, duration, and frequency of the stress in your life. With workplace stress being linked to quality of life, health, and workplace morale, this is a must-read for any team looking to improve morale and individuals looking to improve their quality of life.

My Thoughts: Stress management is a very broad subject.  There's so many techniques the author could have explored in this book.  I was disappointed that she did not explore each of her techniques in more depth.  As someone who has worked in the field of mental health, I find that the more information someone has, the more choices someone has.  Everyone is an individual, and what stress management techniques work for one person may not work as effectively for another.

That being said, I still feel this book holds value.  The book touches on some very good techniques for managing stress.  Even if you've had a lot of training in stress management, this book is a great reminder of basic stress management techniques.  

I like how the author poses a couple of questions for readers to reflect upon after discussing each stress management technique.  The short length of the book makes it easy to read in a few short sessions as well.  
Author Jae Ellard

About the Author: Jae Ellard is an author, speaker, and expert on developing the skill of awareness in the workplace. After years in senior communication roles crafting content for executives, Jae collapsed from stress-related adrenal fatigue. This life-altering experience propelled her to research human behavior, neuroscience, mindfulness, and organizational relationship systems. In 2008, Jae founded Simple Intentions and developed the Mindful Life™ Program to generate intentional conversations to disrupt patterns and create awareness, accountability and action at team and individual levels. Jae has taught the skill of awareness in more than 50 countries to thousands of employees at multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia.

Jae is a columnist on workplace awareness for Mindful Magazine, as well as the author of 7 books on the topic. She contributes to the Healthy Living section on Huffington Post as well as the Simple Intentions blog. In 2013, she founded Seattle Wisdom, a community organization working to create and support conscious conversations in professional spaces in the Pacific Northwest. Jae has a master’s degree in Communication Management from Colorado State University and a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She holds certificates in co-active coaching and organizational relationship systems coaching.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of, "Success with Stress," by Jae Ellard for a fair and honest review.  Receiving the book did not influence my opinions in any way.  All opinions expressed on Fur Everywhere are my own.  


  1. Stress can be okay, but we prefer it to be handled by someone else!

  2. Dad says he does not like stress but knows how to manage it pretty well. We think so except when Rumpy is acting up MOL

  3. Staying in with my cats most of the time keeps my stress level down. Nice review.

  4. The mom could really use this book. She's always stressed.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Success with Stress!

  6. Stress is what makes our petcretary do our blogging and things like that. She started way back in 2009 on another kind of social site(s), but they changed and now she blogs. However sometimes there is stress trying to keep up, MOL! So it backfires:) Well, at least she recognizes her stressors better these days. Stress is likely what made her immune system go wonky back in 2005 when her parents were sick and died within 3 months...then she herself cot the big *C*, stress can do those things... Though when we furry ones don't feel well, she sure has a hard time dealing with that kind of stress.
    Making mementoes/badges for others when she has time is another one of her anti-stress outlets.

  7. Good review, Sierra! We are not big fans of stress here, but we try our best to monitor and manage it.

  8. Stress management is a big part of my life too. You're absolutely right that the cats can feel it when we're stressed. My kitties are very in tuned to my emotional changes. I'm glad that this author is getting out there and helping people learn to handle their stress.

  9. Great review Sierra, and we'll definitely be adding this title to the P.A.'s to read list, thanks so much fur sharing!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox