Monday, October 9, 2017

The Changes are Coming

Carmine hangs out in Milita's heated bed.
Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Yous know how the Mom said there were going to be some, "major changes," around heres?  Well, mes decided to ask hers about that, and here is how it wented.

Carmine: Mom, yous said there is going to be some major changes taking place around heres.  Yous know wes kitties hate change!  So what is wes talking about heres?

Mom Sierra: Don't worry, Carmine.  I know you and Lita don't like change.  We will be implementing the change very gradually so you have a lot of time to adapt.  

The vet Lita saw last week wants you two to start eating a new diet.  

Carmine: A new diet, huh?  Mes and Lita happen to like the diet wes has now.

Mom Sierra: I know you do, Carmine.  But the vet believes a new diet will help you and Lita feel better.  I think you will both like the new diet once you get used to it.  You like your wet food meals, right?

Carmine: Yes, theys is nom.

Mom Sierra: Well, you will get to eat more wet food.  Doesn't that sound nice?

Carmine: Yes, that sounds nice, but that isn't much of a change.....mes is suspicious.

Mom Sierra: Here is the part you might not like so much.  Your new diet doesn't include any kibble.

Carmine: No kibble!  But mes likes my kibble!! Does Lita know about this?? Mes is going to go tell Lita.  Hers will set you straight!  LITA---!!

Mom Sierra: Carmine, we have to keep this a secret.  Lita will be very upset if she finds out her kibble is going away.  

Carmine: If mes keeps it a secret, can mes still has kibble??

Mom Sierra: No, I'm afraid not, Carmine.  It will be a slow transition to an all-wet food diet, but it needs to happen.  I have wanted to get you and Lita off kibble for years now.  If there is a chance a new diet can help you and Lita feel better, I am going to implement it.  


Lita hangs out on my bed.
Lita: Huh?  What?  Why are you waking me up from my nap?

Mom Sierra: No worries, Lita.  Go back to sleep, pumpkin.

Lita: Zzzzzzzz...

Mom Sierra: Okay, Carmine, how about if I get you a new toy if you keep our secret?

Carmine: A new toy, huh?  Well, okay....mes will keep your secret for now, but it better be a really good toy!  

Does this mean that mes gets to bug yous for wet noms whenever mes wants?

Mom Sierra: Yes, Carmine, that's what it means.  (To herself: For now).


  1. OH! I do hope that Lita and Carmine will adjust well to that change...the first of many more I presume?

  2. MOL! Food changes require a bit of negotiation, don't they?

  3. Change can be tough, but sometimes it's necessary and for the best. Now, hopefully Carmine and Lita can be convinced of that! It sounds like you have it all under control, Mom Sierra, and we bet you'll do just fine at gradually making this change. Purrs!

  4. Food changes are hard...but we sure hope it helps the two of you.

  5. We think that's a pretty fair deal, Carmine ;)

  6. Don't worry,'ll forget about this conversation quickly, then your momma will make the changes and you won't even notice.

  7. Food changes are not always easy, but in this case it's for the best. Four years ago, I was still a kitten and Angel Loupi was with me when Claire stopped feeding us any kibbles, and I survived ! Purrs, Zorro

  8. Slow is good when it comes to menu changes so you two give it a chance please!

  9. We are all on vet diets here, due to some issues that Chloe Jo has had. It worked out, but took awhile!

  10. I hope you both end up liking the new foods. That you both and your mom for the beautiful card she sent me for the loss of Phoebe. XO

  11. Oh babies, I hope the new food is lovely and tasty.

  12. Poor Carmine! Changes are difficult, but this sounds like it will be a good one for you and Lita.