Monday, May 14, 2018

Meezer Monday

The neighborhood flame-point Siamese.
Hi everyone, it's the Mom today.

I take a walk nearly everyday around my neighborhood.  When I first started doing this, D pointed out an adorable flame-point Siamese in a window (that's him to the left).  There are actually a few people with kitties in that building of row houses.  Someone also has a black and white cat. 

Anyway, when I first started walking around the neighborhood, I saw this adorable flame-point a lot.  But suddenly he disappeared - for months.  

Then, one day, we were walking by his house, and D said, "There's an orange cat in the window!"  I asked him if he was sure it was an orange cat and not the flame-point Siamese. 

We walk around the same block several times, so the next time around the block, we looked, but the kitty had disappeared from the window.

The neighborhood orange cat.
A few days later, we saw him again!  You can see him in the photo to the right.  I'm sorry I couldn't get a good photo of him - I want to be mindful of people's privacy - so I tried getting him from the sidewalk. 

While I was happy the people have an orange cat, I became even more worried about what might have happened to the flame-point.  I truly hoped that he had not gone to the Bridge or anything.

About a week after we first saw the orange cat, we saw the flame-point back in the window!!! I was thrilled!  He looks well and content. 

I told D that Siamese and orange cats must go together well. :)


  1. Your kitty friend has a new brother!!!

  2. I'm glad the flame point kitty was back - you had me worried too!

  3. Such cuties! That flame point sure looks like Angel Sascha.

  4. These two must make an adorable pair (just like your two cuties!)! I was so glad when you said you saw the flame-point again. I always get worried when I stop seeing certain furbabies around the neighborhood.

  5. I am glad the siamese was back :) That is cool that they have an orange and a siamese too .

  6. I like keeping track of neighbor kitties too...much more so than the actual neighbors!

  7. There is something special about Flame Point Siamese isn't there Sierra? I too know who has what 4 leggeds in my building. Thankfully! Because last Summer my upstairs neighbor threw her Turkish Angora off her 2nd floor balcony.....poor cat was traumatized & spent most of the night in my Ivy in the garden. I found her the next day & fed her & got her into carrier. Then Sheila & I took her to local Shelter & split the Surrender fee. My friend DID pay us back...only because she had to save face with Sheila! I'm just waiting for her 2nd cat to go off the balcony.....sad but true!

  8. Wow! That was a scary thought about the Flame Point. Good thing he is back and how cool he has a furbling.

  9. Hi Sierra, as we were reading we started to get anxious, but then it was a Happily Effur Aftur, thank cod fur that! We can go take a snooze in peace now! MOL

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  10. I like how you know the neighborhood cats so well, even through the windows! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang.

  11. We love that you know the kitties in your neighborhood! And HOORAY that the Flame Point is still there. And with an orange kitty! :)