Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Special Announcement (Wordy Wednesday_

I'm holding Brown Rice, a sweet Siamese Demi rescued from Bangkok.

We have a special announcement today, but I want to make something very clear before I tell you what it is.

No cat will ever replace Lita. And I know that nothing is going to take away the pain of losing her. I am still very sad and grieving for my beautiful girl.

Shortly after Lita passed away, I began looking for a friend for Carmine. I have a lot of love to give another kitty, and I want to give another kitty a good and loving home where he can be spoiled to pieces, just like he deserves. I found a gorgeous Siamese cat on PetFinder named Kao Grong (which translates to Brown Rice in English). 

I inquired about him, and he sounded just perfect for us! But he was showing signs of a URI and was on antibiotics, so he couldn't come home right away. 

I waited five days to do our meet and greet so I could bring Carmine along to meet Brown Rice. When I met him, I knew he was the right kitty for us! 

Carmine did very well at the meet and greet - especially considering it was in a strange environment for him. He allowed Brow Rice to sit near him, but he did get hissy when he tried to rub up against Carmine or get too close. I think they will become good friends once Brown Rice comes home and they have a chance to get to know each other. 

Brown Rice has quite the story. This is what I've gathered from his foster mom and the blog about him on Demi's Animal Rescue's website. 

A well-intentioned older woman they call Granny took in a bunch of kitties to keep them safe from the mean people in Thailand. From what I gather, most people are not very kind to street cats and dogs in Thailand. 

Granny works 12 hours a day washing dishes in a food cart for the equivalent of $10 US per day. She loves the street cats in Thailand, but her love for them grew out of control, and she became a hoarder. She lives in a tiny apartment (smaller than the studio I had when I first moved into this building) and had 30-40 kitties stacked in cages to the ceiling. She sleeps on a stack of newspapers between the cages, and she lives in poverty.

Granny believes she is helping the cats by saving them from the dangers of the streets in Thailand, but as many of us know, being in a cage without adequate care is not a good life for a kitty, either. A kind woman named Apple helps Granny by bringing her cat food and litter and gets the kitties sterilized. Apple is helping rehome the kitties so they can get out of their cages and into good homes. 

While Demi (of Demi's Animal Rescue) was in Thailand, Apple pointed out four beautiful Siamese cats in Granny's apartment. They were all in terrible pain due to severe dental issues. They were drooling and couldn't even close their mouths. They desperately needed medical attention to get them out of the pain they were in. 

Demi talked to the board of Demi's Animal Rescue, and the board voted to help the kitties. They were all taken to get dentals, vaccinations, microchips, and examinations. They returned to Granny's apartment, able to meow, which they could not even do before!

When the kitties were taken back to get their booster vaccines, three of the our were showing severe flu-like symptoms. Demi and Apple knew the kitties couldn't get better in Granny's tiny and dirty apartment, even with the appropriate medication.

They called an incredible German animal rescuer named Adrian. Adrian had a spare room in his home in a town called Pattaya, about two hours south of Bangkok (where Granny's apartment is). He graciously agreed to treat and care for the kitties.

They took the kitties to Adrian right away, straight from the vet. 

Once the kitties were well, they had to be quarantined in Thailand for 30 days before they were allowed to fly to the US. The foster in Thailand ended up keeping one of the Siamese (who could blame him?), so three of them flew to the United States and have been fostered by a wonderful woman at Demi's Animal Rescue.

I have not had the chance to meet Demi yet, but she is very inspirational. I have had a chance to meet her mom because she is fostering Brown Rice, and she is a wonderful woman who loves her fosters very much. I know he is in the most excellent hands until he is cleared to come home with us.

Unfortunately, we may have hit a little snag. Carmine has been sneezing just a little and I'm not so sure he can smell his wet food too much. He may have a URI himself. Our regular vet cannot see him until next Tuesday. To me, that seems like a long time to allow a URI to fester, if he has one, so I'm going to call around later to see if anyone can see him this week instead. 

I might just be being paranoid. He might be sneezing from something else. But after what happened to Lita, I am not willing to take any unnecessary risks. Even if the vet says nothing's wrong with him, it is worth spending the money on the exam to me.

I do plan to get pet insurance on Brown Rice. 

Brown Rice doesn't really respond to his name, you all have any name suggestions for him? Maybe something to honor where he came from? Or something that symbolizes courage or the fact that he is a survivor?

I'm hoping that if Carmine has a URI that his foster mom will hold Brown Rice for me until Carmine is not contagious. I'd hate for them to pass an infection back and forth, if Carmine has one. 

It has not been easy waiting for Brown Rice to come home, but I know he will be a perfect fit in our little family! I hope he'll be able to come home soon. He is quite the inspirational little guy. 

I am so thankful to Demi, Apple, Adrian, Demi's Animal Rescue, and anyone who helped Brown Rice and the other Siamese through this long journey.

Demi made a microdocumentary about animal rescue in Bangkok. You can watch it HERE


  1. That's quite the story and we are so excited waiting for the homecoming to happen. Happy dance for everyone!

  2. We're so glad you're opening your heart to another kitty. We hope Carmine is better soon so you can bring BR home. :)

  3. What a great story he has and so lucky to have been rescued from the hoarder. Hoarders start off with good intentions and then it gets out of hand. Keeping all the cats in cages is a terrible existence for them. I hope Carmine is soon better so his new brother can come and live with him. I am not good at thinking up names, but what about Tylan. Spelled differently but sounds similar to Thailand.

    1. Jackie I LOVE that name for Brown Rice.....I hope Sierra likes the is unique....Sierra can wee keep him?? Can we call him Tylan?? Pleeeeeeese!!!! I'm as excited as she is Jackie!

  4. Oh Wow! A Meezer Blogging brofur-to-be!
    Congrats and kudos to you:)

    I shall have to think about what might be a name I would choose...

    Purrs & Hugs!

  5. Oh dear. When Carmine met BR, he could have picked up something—or not. All the kitties we've had have had sneezing and got over it by themselves. I worry so much about cats that are over-medicated which is why we like Dr. D. Concats on BR. I'm all for human names so why not Sam, which is a take on Siam?

  6. When this kitty comes into your home, wait awhile, and HE will tell you his true name. It will spontaneously pop into your head, or you'll call something and he'll respond. Here's hoping Carmine is fine, and your new kitty will come home to you!

  7. Wow, we are just amazed with the story of Brown Rice's life up til now. We hope Carmine is fine and they will both be best buddies as the time passes together. Thanks for sharing this incredible story. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  8. Oh Sierra what a wild ride Brown Rice has had. You are the SWEETEST BESTEST KINDEST woman I know!!! I am blown away by your compassion for that sweet boy. And if anyone gives you any aggro or cheek you let me know!! You & I are two of a kind & NO ONE has a right to judge us. You opening your heart to Brown Rice (can we call him Tylan?) is an honor to Milita's memory!
    Sending lots of prayers & Love, Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma & angel Siddhartha Henry

  9. BR; a most happee earl lee gotch day two ewe; we iz BUZZED happee for ewe...carmine; we iz veree happee for ewe that yur gonna get a wee brother... YAY & HOORAY !!!!!! ♥♥♥

    how....kewl......iz.....thiz !!!

    N pleez ta tell mom her shuld pick up sum lysine for yur sneezez; noe prescrip iz needed....trooth buddy....a few st francis' blessings for safe meazure !! ♥♥♥

  10. Brown Rice has an amazing story! And I'm sure there is a better name for him out there. I can't wait for him to come home.

  11. We're so, so excited for you!!! Brown Rice is one lucky kitty...and what a story he has too!

  12. that is wonderful that you are adopting another kitty and what a story! As for the name, I think that should come from you........once you observe his personality...maybe you could call him "BR?" lol.......too bad it isn't Basmati rice, you could call him Basmati :)

  13. I think it is wonderful that you are opening your heart to love another kitty. I am sure Lita would want you to. Such a sad story, but I know Brown Rice will be so happy with you and Carmine. XO

  14. Thank you for opening your heart to another kitty! Brown Rice sounds like a good cat, and we bet he and Carmine will be pals eventually. What about "Ben" or "Mahatma" (brands of rice), or "Gohan" (pronounced Go-hawn) which is the Japanese word for rice.

  15. How about Ty as a name? Or Tyson, Tyrone, Tyler...

  16. What an amazing story ! "Brown Rice" is lucky to have been rescued, and even more lucky to have met you ! Purrs

  17. Gosh! A Siamese kitty from Siam! That is very exciting indeed! We all hope that everything goes smoothly and he can join you at home very soon.

    The Chans

  18. I'm so happy you're opening your heart and home to another kitty. And what an amazing story! How about Mongkut (from The King and I)? Or you could change it ot Mongcat...

  19. The best to you and your new kitty! One of the kitties' names from the Cat Who series might be a good fit. - Tom x

  20. What a beautiful story. So many pieces have fallen together to bring you and Brown Rice together. So very happy for you.

  21. Oh what a wonderful thing ! You mentioned that Carmine seemed lonely without Melita, and this boy certainly needed a home ! No one can replace Lita (or Jewel) but there is always plenty of love to go around ! Purrs !

  22. Well, that's just pawsum. And fur sure he needs a new and better name. We're sorry 'bout "granny" but Thai's eat cats, and so we're fankful she took in those kitties. And while livin' in a cage, somethin' Raena could meow 'bout, it's better than the pawssible fate that awaited him on the streets. As fur names, They're endless...Tao, Spunky, Badger (they're tenacious), Cole, Coal...Sendin' hugs and purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  23. How wonderful! You know Ninja and I hissed quite a bit when we first met. It only took a few days for us to become best furrends!
    We send you guys loads of friendship purrayers!

  24. Oh dear, I thought I had commented on this post, but apparently I didn't. Shame on me! I know Tylan is already home with you now, but I think it's still fitting for me to say that I am so, so happy for you and Tylan, and for Carmine. Of course you never could and never would replace your dear Lita. She will always be in her very own part of your heart. Lita is certainly purring down on you right now for giving a homeless kitty a loving home, just like you gave her the most loving home and life. She would want you to keep on spreading that love, because she knows you have so much to give. Purrs and prayers to all!