Monday, November 12, 2018

Milita's Memories

Lita looking out the window in our first apartment. #MilitasMemories
Milita went through a lot of collars during her lifetime. I honestly don't know how she kept breaking all the breakaway clasps!

Her first collar was this hot pink one you see on her in the photo. When she broke this one, I happened to have a spare collar on hand, so I put it on her.

As soon as the collar was on her, Lita completely freaked out! She immediately ran under the dining room table and hid there with wide, scared eyes.

D and I didn't know what on earth had gotten into her! It was bedtime so we went to sleep puzzled.

In the middle of the night, we heard a bunch of running around and crashing about. Lita was running around like a total nut, scared to death. We puzzled over it for a bit. Then D said, "I think she thinks Carmine is ON her because her bell sounds just like his now!"

So, we took the collar off her, and I put her in bed beside me. I covered her over (except for her head) with a sheet, and she didn't move a muscle until morning (at this point in time, Lita didn't sleep with me).

The bell theory made a lot of sense, so we ended up going to PetSmart, and I rang every single collar in the store until I found one that matched her previous bell. When we put the new collar on her, she was perfectly fine.

We leaned our lesson and never, ever tried to put a collar with Carmine's bell tone on her again.

Lita's bell tone was so difficult to find in stores that we ended up switching her bell from one collar to another instead. The bell ended up breaking eventually, so her very last collar didn't have a bell. I think she enjoyed being a ninja cat. :)


  1. Wow, Lita was really sensitive to sound! We cats have awesome hearing, compared to you humans, but we all react to sounds differently.

  2. Oh wow, that's amazing that she recognised the bell tones so well!

  3. Wow, Milita must have had good ears. ;)

  4. I'd always thought that the bell on a cat's collar was too close to their sensitive ears, so we've always removed the collar bells. Manny and Chili know how to bite the clasping latch, so their collars never stay on for very long, and we've given up trying.

  5. Parker tried to bite the bell on the first collar she had inside, so I took it off.

    Just after she was TNR'ed, I gave all four of the fixed cats collars. When Truffles succeeded in taking his off, I took them off the other three kitties.

  6. Cats have extra sensitive hearing, but it is strange that the different tone freaked her out.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a funny story Sierra!!! I'd never have thought that a different bell tone could upset a cat....they are obviously more highly evolved then us mortal Humans!!! ROFWL! Thanks for sharing such a great memory!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  8. Milita had some super duper hearing!

  9. Wow. That's interesting that she could so obviously determine the difference in bell sounds. I don't think I could tell the difference - sounds like D had a true connection with Lita.