Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday with Tylan

Tylan in the blue bed by the couch.
Hi everyone, it's me, Tylan!

I heard that the Mom lady tattled on me yesterday in Milita's Memories. That wasn't very nice of her, was it?

It's true, I whaped the Mom lady in the eye, but if she didn't want me to poke her in the eye, she shouldn't have leaned over to kiss my head, right?? 

After I poked her in the eye, the Mom lady crumpled on the couch yelling about pain. I don't know what the big deal was...I just poked her! 

The Mom lady said she had to go see a doctor today about her eye. The doctor lady made her eye orange so she could see it with a, "black light," and she told the Mom lady that I scratched the conjuntiva. See? It's not so bad! 

The Mom lady got a prescription for antibiotic eye drops, but her pharmacy can't get them until Saturday, so the Mom lady says she has to go hunting around later to see if someone else might have them in stock now. 

When the Mom lady finally got home tonight, she told her friend, DM, about me scratching her eye. Then she says, "Now Ty looks all cute and innocent." I said, "That's because I am sweet and innocent!" 

The Mom lady says she is going to the dentist later for a cleaning and check up. I told her not to be such a chicken - I lost all but two of my teeth, and you don't see me getting in a tizzy, do you? Nevertheless, I suppose I'll curl up by her and give her a few purrs while she sleeps anyway. 


  1. Ooops, sounds like you got a good bop in the mom's eye, Tylan.

  2. Oh Tylan, we know you didn't mean to hit your mom's eye on purpose...did you? ;)

  3. Got to watch those eyes Ty, your human needs them to fill your food bowl.

  4. Uh oh! Hope that your mom's eye heals up nicely, Tylan! And remember, don't harm her hands; they open the cat food!

  5. Your human's going for a dental visit today? So is mine! She is really good about flossing and she brushes her teeth for 4 minutes before going to bed every night (that's what the dental human told her to do - the rest of the day she can just brush normally!). So she usually gets a good report. Hopefully today will be same - and for your human too! I hope her eye heals fast.

  6. Sounds like you gave your mom a good bop to the eye. We hope she feels better soon, and had a good visit to the dentist. We think your purrs will make her feel relaxed and better when you both have a nap time together. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  7. Oh Tynan ! Sounds like she really got hurt ! Whether you meant it or not, you have to cut her some slack. You know how upset you get when she's even a little bit late with dinner ? But she won't really let you starve. So her eye really really hurts ! If you want her to take your complaints seriously,youhave to learn to eat her the same way.

    To the Mama - we are purraying and sending POTP for your eye to get better quickly and for your dental checkup to go well !

  8. I know you didn't mean to hurt your mom, Tylan, but you must be more careful with your claws.

  9. I hope your mom heals quickly. That is sweet of you to cuddle next to her.

  10. Meow meow Tylan yore so handsum an innycent lookin...mee betss you did not meen to hert Miss Sierra. Did you know mee angel Unkell did thee same thing to LadyMew??? LadyMew still can not see propurr from her rite eye.
    An mee udnerstandss 'bout whappin...mee has a few isshuess an will smackypaw LadyMew an shee gets hert. Hu'manss are furagile Tylan,...furry furagile!
    Miss sierra mee sends you sum Love an POTP fore a good heelin….
    ***paw patsss*** (not whapss!) BellaDharma

  11. We know it was an accident, and that you did not mean to poke your mom in the eye, Tylan. Please give her some snuggles and purrs, okay? That will help her heal up and feel better, for sure!