Friday, December 21, 2018

A Few Purr and Prayers for Carmine

Carmine in his carrier at the vet
Hi everyone, it's the mom here.

Carmine has not been eating so well. He's also been sneezing. I wondered if he could have some allergies that might be making it hard for him to smell his food. Or, I thought, perhaps his pancreatitis was flaring and he was nauseous, causing him to not want to eat much. I just didn't know, so I decided to make him an appointment with the vet.

They called me on Wednesday, telling me if Carmine was nauseous that I could just come pick up some Cerenia and save an exam fee. I was tempted. I started doubting myself. Now I'm glad I didn't talk myself out of taking him.

Dr. S started to examine Carmine and noticed that he is having a herpes flare. He said that could be causing his sneezing.

He felt Carmine's tummy, and it ws fine. Everything else seemed fine. So I was about to ask him why Carmine wasn't eating.... Then he looked into Carmine's mouth and found it.

The very loose tooth.

He wanted to get it out right away, but it wasn't loose enough for him to pull without pain, and neither of us wanted him to be in pain, so we decided on emergency surgery for Carmine. He will have the tooth extracted later this morning, and he will have his teeth cleaned at the same time.

Dr. S says that this tooth is, at the very least, causing Carmine discomfort and at worst is very painful for him. So he got pain medication tonight. A few hours later, he nearly cleaned his plate! Yeah, I think we found the issue.

I am so fortunate that they are more worried about making Carmine feel better than getting every dime upfront for the surgery. They are always willing to work with me on payments, and I am beyond grateful for that, seeing as Carmine has no insurance on him, and dentals are not cheap!

I told Carmine this is his Christmas present. Dr. S thinks it's a great present for him! :)

Please send a few purrs and prayers Carmine's way. I am sure he will be okay, but I always get nervous about him going under anesthesia. After losing Lita, I am terrified of losing my little orange face.

I hope his recovery time is quick and that this helps the poor guy feel better.


  1. Oh Carmine, we're all sending purrs and prayers to you pal, I can so relate to the pain that causes. Keep us updated please.

  2. Glad you found the problem! Hope Carmine will feel better now!

  3. Carmine! Sending purrs and hugs, and we'll know that you'll feel a lot better, without that wonky tooth. I'm betting that it was making him sneeze too.

  4. I will be praying he feels better soon. The Tooth Fairy will send him some presents, but I don't think she will get to the post office until after Christmas. :) XO

  5. sending tons of purrs and prayers to Carmine, poor little guy! xoxo

  6. We send tons of purrs to Carmine ! Purrs

  7. I am glad he is eating better without the loose tooth. I am sending good thoughts for him.

  8. This is good news for Carmine AND you - sending purrayers and POTP that he continues to get better ! Eating well is a good start!

  9. I am praying my heart out for Carmine!! You did the right thing Sierra. You are a wonderful Cat Mom. And Milita's leaving was not because of did everything you could in her best interest. You always do as do I. Sometimes things just go awry & sad/bad things happen. sending you ((hugs)) & prayers of strength. Kiss that orange face for me!
    Much love Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

  10. Purrs for your sweet Carmine. Amazing how often painful teeth can cause the most upset. Hoping for a full recovery for your orange face. ❤️

  11. So Glad the Carmine will be feeling better furry soon now that hims tooths am not bothering him... Purrz From Chiquita and the Katie Katz.

  12. I hope that Carmine feels so much better with that loose tooth gone! We are sending healing prayers and purrs!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William

  13. We have our purrayer motor going on full for Carmine !
    I am glad he will feel better soon!

  14. Sending lots of purrs and prayers for poor Carmine.

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