Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy 14th Birthday, Carmine!

Hi everybodys!

Guess who's birthday it is today. Go on...guess!

It's my birthday!! 

Mes is 14 years old today! The Mom cannot believe mes is so old nows. Hers says just yesterday mes was a 14-week-old kitten coming home to live with hers! 

Last night, our friends D and D came over to celebrate my day! Theys broughted mes some prezzies! See all the noms theys broughted mes? Don't theys look yummy?

Theys also broughted MES these toys and treats! Mes thinks Tylans was kind of jealous. When the Mom and D and D played a new board game, hims kept trying to take off with the golden nuggets. And then hims shoved his head in MY treat pile to steal my treats. The Mom was working on giving hims some, but Tylans is not so patient, MOL. 

Look at my pawesome cake! The humans ated it, but theys ated it in honorof mes, so mes guesses that be okay. 

Mes and Tylans are all worn out from all the excitement. Mes had a fun night!

Happy 14th Birthday, Carmine!! 

We love you!

The Mom and Tylan 
Angels Lita and Jewel


  1. Happy Birthday from all of us Carmine, I'm glad you had a special day!!!

  2. Happy 14th Birthday, Carmine! Wishing you a terrific day, and many more birthdays to come.

  3. Happy 14th Birthday Carmine! I am glad you had a nice birthday. XO

  4. Happy birthday, Carmine! That is an awesome cake, but you should have been able to choose the flavor (chicken, duck, whatever you wanted!)

  5. Happy Birthday Carmine ! We wish you a wonderful day ! Purrs

  6. Happy Birthday to YOU, Carmine! How pawsome to be 14!

    Petcretary sent you 2 emails...2 cause the first one had a flea and didn't send our card...

  7. Happy Birthday Carmine! Looks like you have lot's of folks that love you, that's the best present of all.

  8. Happy birthday Carmine. The cake looks lovely.

  9. Happy Birthday Carmine! Looks like you had a great day.

  10. Happy Birthday, Carmine ! We are glad you had such a good time on your special day !

  11. Happy birthday, Carmine! We sure hope you had a special day!

  12. Happy bday!! We are certain you got very spoiled as you deserve!

  13. Carmine we are sooooo sowwy we are late for your birthday. 14 is a fine yearage and I hope to be there soon with my brofur Toby(He is a few months older MOL)
    Many returns to my Marmalade Man Cat Buddy!
    Timmy and Family