Thursday, June 13, 2019

What We Do for Love Book Review and Giveaway

What We Do for Love book cover.
I have a wonderful book to tell you about today. Though it doesn't have any cats in it, it does have a few dogs!

About the Book: Thirty-eight-year-old Nicole Adams has given up on her love life. Instead, she decides to focus on the things that matter to her the most - her 16-year-old son, Justin, her art, and her family and friends. She thinks her life might have finally turned a corner when she gets an opportunity to do a large installation for a Los Angeles museum. Then, Justin brings home a girl, Daniela, to live with them. Her angry parents have thrown her out of the house because she's pregnant with Justin's baby.

Nicole takes the girl in, but in doing so, she makes herself part of Daniela's family inner circle, a world of deceit and violence. Nicole struggle to keep life as normal as possible while dealing with people she doesn't particularly like. She begins to wonder if she can do what she always tells Justin to do - to have faith in yourself and do the right thing.

My Thoughts: This story is a sweet one. However, I did find it rather unrealistic. Most parents wouldn't react so calmly to their son telling them he got a girl pregnant, let alone invite the girl to live with them because her own parents disowned her.

Nicole is always polite and kind on the outside. Even though she has serious doubts about her son's future and her grandchild's, she never expresses them. She's practically a saint with everything she takes on in this book. Her character is very likable, showing tremendous determination and strength in an extremely challenging situation.

The book was an enjoyable read. I always had a hard time putting it down before I went to sleep. There's a happy ending. I'd highly recommend this book. You can enter to win a copy in the giveaway below!

You can buy the book on Amazon.

Photo of Anne Pfeffer, author of What We Do for Love.
About the Author: Award-winning novelist Anne Pfeffer grew up in Phoenix, Arizona reading prodigiously and riding horses. After working in Chicago and New York, she escaped back to the land of sunshine in Los Angeles.

​She has worked in banking and as a pro bono attorney, representing abandoned children in adoption and guardianship proceedings. Anne has a daughter living in New York and is the author of four books in the YA/New Adult genres.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of, "What We Do for Love," by Anne Pfeffer for a fair and honest review. Receiving the book did not influence my opinions in any way. All opinions expressed on FurEverywhere are my own. 


  1. That was a terrific review and we sure wish her luck with her book.

  2. Hmmm, there are likely many other similar situations with lesser outcomes. I work with some peeps who deal with life issues lie that:(

    That looks to be a good read, and a nice review, too.

  3. I'm interested in checking out this book!