Monday, May 4, 2020

Carmine and Tylan's (Fun) Vet Adventure

Carmine and Tylan sit together on a bench in an exam room at the vet.

Tylan: Hey Carmine, isn't this fun?

Carmine: Fun?

Tylan: Yeah! You come here, and all the people make a fuss over you and give you hugs and tummy rubs! 

Carmine: The vet peoples are nice and all, but mes would still rather bes in my heated bed at home. 

Tylan hangs out in a big comfortable chair in the exam room.

Tylan: Carmine, come check out this cool chair I found! It's really roomy and comfy!

Carmine: Ummm....Tylan, yous knows what that chair is fors, don't yous?

Tylan stretches out in hopes of getting some tummy rubs.

Tylan: Of course I do! It's for kitties to stretch out in and get tummy rubs!

Carmine: Yeah.......Mes is just gonna stay over heres by the Mom where it be safe.

Carmine at the vet.

Tylan: I was hanging out in my cool new chair while they poked and prodded Carmine some. He had his annual blood work done. 

There I was just minding my own business when I heard the Mom talking to one of those vet people. She said, "Tylan's going to be angry about that." 

Wait. What? Who's going to make Tylan angry?? You know it's not nice to make Meezies angry.

That was over a week ago, though, so maybe she forgot to do whatever it was.

The Mom here: Carmine is having a dental surgery on Thursday. He needs at least one tooth pulled, possibly more. I'll have to pick up his food at midnight. This means that Tylan won't be fed until we leave for the vet Thursday morning. He gets pretty angr when he doesn't get his meals on time. 


  1. Poor babies. Hope that Carmine's tooth extraction goes well. Hope that Tylan forgives you for his food being late. lol Purrs from Patch and Flower.

  2. It's always rough when kitties get dentals, and the other cats have their schedules disturbed! Purrs to Carmine - I hope he comes through his dental surgery with no problems!

  3. I hope the dental goes well and Tylan forgives you for starving him too.

  4. Having just been through a feline dental extraction, I know the feeling! Tylan is a tough one, however...he'll be fine. Keep us informed, please.

  5. Oh dear - Purrayers to both of the boys and to you too !

  6. Oh dear, we hope the dental goes smoothly sweet Carmine. Howdy Tylan!

  7. Purrs for Carmine that all goes well with his dental.

  8. Awww ... Carmine looks so sad! I just want to put my arms around him, give him some treats with no fishy ingredients, and tell him it's going to be okay.

  9. I will be praying for Carmine. And the Tooth Fairy will be sire to send him gifts. XO

  10. Vet appointments are always tough. I'm glad that you have found a veterinarian that takes great care of your furbabies.