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Don't Look In Book Review


Don't Look In

About the Book: Psychiatrist Gus Young left the big city to escape the shame, gossip, and glares of his family, friends, and colleagues after he damaged his reputation. He finds himself in a backwater rural town in Maine where he can start over. 

But someone is out to get Gus. Gus's patients start turning up dead, and he is the main suspect. 

Wanda, the town prostitute, is one of Gus's patients. She is having a secret affair with the town's married mayor, and she is demanding he leave his wife. Meanwhile, Wanda's brother has just been released from jail where he spent 10 years. Wanda's testimony was critical to sealing his conviction. 

Wands is found shot in the head in front of her apartment shortly after a session with Gus. However, due to doctor-client confidentiality, Gus cannot reveal that Wanda was his patient nor what she shared with him in sessions, even if it means helping the police catch the culprit.

Then another patient, Ned, who is suffering from paranoia, and who is certain he knows the identity of Wanda's killer, is found dead in his home after having had a confrontation with Gus. 

The police find circumstantial evidence that points to Gus as a suspect. Both victims were shot with bullets that match a rare type of gun, the Lee-Enfield No. 4, which has coincidentally disappeared from Gus's basement. The police also find Wanda's turquoise necklace in Gus's possession.

Gus takes his patients' confidentiality seriously, even after they are dead. He doesn't reveal any information about them, even though it could help prove that he is innocent. Instead, Gus puts his own life at risk to try to track down the killer. When his estranged daughter comes to town to visit him, her life as well as the life of his friend, Sheila, are in danger - the killer wants to harm both of them. 

As the plot unravels, Gus discovers a terrible secret from his past.

My Thoughts: As someone who used to work in the field of mental health myself (as a social worker), the plot of this book immediately drew me in. 

I love the characters Tom Saric includes in this book. They are a quirky and interesting bunch - the town prostitute who is having an affair with the town's married mayor, a man suffering from paranoia, the psychopath who commits petty crimes, and the cross-dresser, to name a few. 

As someone who used to work in the field, I can relate to the importance of confidentiality. It is paramount. I could not imagine being in this situation - knowing that some of the information I had could help prove my innocence and not being able to share it. 

I am enjoying this book immensely. That's right, I haven't finished reading it yet. In light of Carmine's recent health issues, he has been my primary focus, and I haven't been able to make as much time to read as I wish I could. I'll come back and update this post when I've finished the book, but I think it's safe to say that I'll love it when I'm done!

If you like psychological thrillers, I'd definitely recommend this book from what I've been able to read so far! 

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Tom Saric

About the Author: Tom Saric (a pseudonym) has been practicing psychiatry for years. He has written several thrillers including Indicted and Compromise. Don't Look In is the first book in a series featuring psychiatrist Gus Young. 

You can connect with the author on his Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads.

You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and IndieBound


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FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of, "Don't Look In," by Tom Saric for a fair and honest review. Receiving the book did not influence my opinions in any way. All opinions expressed on Fur Everywhere are my own. 

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  1. Sounds a great read, and one that I'm sure will thrill readers of this genre.

  2. That does sound like a really good one. Our Mom was a Licensed Professional Counselor so she might like it too.

  3. Sounds like it could be a good read so we will pop it on the list. Thanks and purrs for Carmine!

  4. That sounds like a really good read!