Thursday, January 6, 2022

Carmine's Allergic to What?!

 Carmine went to the vet for allergy testing last week. He has been struggling with allergies for the past few years, and while the Atopica is significantly helpful in managing his symptoms, I wanted to try to pinpoint what he's allergic to so that we can (hopefully) reduce or eliminate his exposure. 

I was thinking about what Carmine might be allergic to over the past several months. A thought that occurred to me was that maybe Carmine is allergic to Tylan. Initially, I thought that was a silly thing to think, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a real possibility. 

Before Tylan came to live with us, Carmine would occasionally sneeze, but it wasn't often. He wasn't congested.


As soon as Tylan came to live here, Carmine's sneezing increased. Over time, Carmine started sneezing quite often and would even have sneeze attacks where he'd sneeze 5-10+ times in a row. He has had nasal congestion on and off. His fur started being itchy, too. 

I seriously thought about anything that changed in his environment that could account for the allergic reaction, but I really haven't changed anything here. 

I talked with his vet about the possibility of Carmine being allergic to Tylan, and she agrees - it is definitely a possibility. She doesn't know of any labs that test for animal allergies, though. She even said cats can be allergic to humans! That is something I did not know. 

So we'll see what the allergy tests reveal, hopefully within the next week or so. If he is allergic to some environmental factor, I will be able to administer allergy shots to him here at home so he can get off the Atopica. 

Carmine and I had this conversation the other day.

Carmine: If mes ams allergic to Tylans, does that mean wes can ship hims back to Thailand?

Me: No, Carmine.

Carmine: Well, maybe yous can give hims to that nice vet tech lady who always fusses over hims at the vet office? Hers loves hims!

Me: No, Carmine. Tylan is here to stay.

Carmine: Well, okay... But maybe yous can get hims to stop crawling into mines bed and kicking mes out of it when mes is sleeping in it?

Me: I'll try, Carmine.

This heated bed is Carmine's favorite place to hang out.

The Plan of Action

Our vet suggested I switch Tylan's kibble to Pro Plan LiveClear to see if that makes a dent in Carmine's (and my) allergies. I ordered a small bag to see if Tylan likes it. He is almost done transitioning to the new kibble and keeps eating every bite, so I think it's safe to say Tylan finds it acceptable! 

I also ordered a bottle of waterless LiveClear shampoo to use on Tylan. I gave him a nice spa day on Sunday. He didn't seem too upset about it. He was a little annoyed with being combed but let me comb him. He enjoyed the pets and tummy rubs afterward. 

We'll see what Carmine's allergy tests reveal and go from there to address any other allergies he has. 


  1. I will be interested in seeing if the things you are doing help Carmine! Here is something interesting you might like knowing: Somali cats like me aren't hypoallergenic. We're pretty much the norm as far as causing allergic reactions in people. But I cause fewer reactions because I get regular baths! I think I have less dander because of them and maybe that's why.

  2. TW thinks I'm allergic to MY own furz cos every time I wash, I start sneezing and only then. It's possible Carmine is allergic to Tylan.

  3. We'll be interested in those test results too, poor Carmine. Our Angel Zoe was allergic to chicken, which is in everything, even seafood cat food.

  4. We send purrayers and POTP to you and Tylan and Carmine that this can all br sorted out so all of you are sneeze free and can stay together happily.

  5. I had an allergy test done on me and I was found to be allergic to dogs! Among other things. ~Ernie

  6. This is interesting. We're looking forward to hearing the results.

  7. I hope the tests figure it out and that it isn't Tylan. My Sammy has similar symptoms to Carmine. XO

  8. Healing Pawkisses to feel better soon, Carmine🐾😽💞

  9. I hope you can find out what is causing the allergies. When we did the 5 Strands Affordable Testing, we found that Brulee had an environmental reaction to cats! This test doesn't show allergies, but shows food and environmental factors that may cause cats to have a reaction.

  10. Wow, who would have thought that was a possibility? We will look forward to hearing the results.

  11. Sure hope this issue can be helped with the changes you already are doing, such as the food and the baths.

    I myself have bad reactions when I have close contact with most cats, but the oriental ones don't give me the same issue, though I refrained from sleeping with any of the 6 I've had...better that way than no kitties or pets.