Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Senior Cats and Senior Citizens Are a Purrfect Match: Remember Me Thursday



Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Today is Remember Me Thursday, a day wes recognize all the pets in shelters and rescues waiting for theirs forever homes. The other day, mes and the Mom was talking about how senior kitties and senior citizens bes the purrfect match, and mes thought this would bes a good opportunity to tell yous why. 

First, let's talk about why senior kitties often be overlooked at shelters and rescues.Some peoples overlook the senior kitties because theys is afraid that an old kitty may not live very long. Sometimes that may bes true, but remember that many kitties are living into their late teens and even their 20s these days. Mes is 17 years old, and mes will bes 18 next February. Mes isn't as spry as mes was as a youngin', but mes is still living a good life here with the Mom and Tylan. 

Sometimes peoples overlook the older kitties because theys think all an old kitty will do is sleep, and theys want an active and playful cat. It's true, a lot of older kitties sleep more than the younger ones, but oftentimes, wes is still active and playful, too. Mes doesn't play a lot anymores, but mes has only slowed down in the past couple of years. Even so, mes will still get bursts of energy where mes will bolt to the top of the kitchen cupboards or even chase Tylan around! 

Tylan is also considered a senior kitty - we *think* he be about seven years old now. Hims is still very active and playful. Hims loves to chase his favorite toys around the kitchen. Hims gets bursts of energy every morning and runs around the apartment, yelling the whole time. 

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

There bes a lot of advantages to adopting a senior kitty. Mes is going to let the Mom tell yous about a few of thems.

Set Temperament: An older cat's personality has already developed. While cats may act differently in a shelter setting, what you see is what you get. This will be especially true for senior cats living in foster homes. If a foster parent says a senior cat is loving and affectionate in their home, he will be loving and affectionate in your home, too, once he's settled in. With kittens, you really don't know what type of personality your cat will develop over time. 

Wiser: A senior cat may already understand basic household expectations, such as not scratching furniture. Older cats also tend to tolerate other pets and children better than kittens. This is a definite advantage if you have grandchildren who visit you.

Lower Energy: Remember that less energy doesn't mean no energy. Older cats have less energy than kittens, so you won't need to follow a senior cat around your house and peel him off the curtains or take things away from him he shouldn't have.

Cleaner: For some reason, kittens tend to like playing in and sleeping in their litter boxes. When I first adopted Carmine, I would often find him sleeping in his litter box. He was a mere 14 weeks old at the time. This behavior lasted a few months before he grew out of it. Kittens who like to play in their litter boxes are likely to kick litter out, leaving a mess for you to clean up. Senior cats aren't interested in playing in or sleeping in their litter boxes.

Senior cats are also better at grooming themselves. Most older cats won't need your help grooming unless they have long fur. Kittens, on the other hand, are still learning how to bathe themselves, so you might find yourself needing to help a kitten stay clean using baby wipes and combs. 


Benefits of Cats to Seniors

Cats benefit seniors in several ways.

They Provide Companionship: According to a report from National Academies, approximately 25% of American senior citizens aged 65 and older are socially isolated. People aged 50 and older often experience risk factors that lead to social isolation, such as sensory (vision, hearing) loss, loss of family and friends, living alone, and chronic illness. 

Cats are wonderful companions. Every cat is different, of course, but a cat may curl up in your lap while you read or watch television, follow you around and supervise you while you do your daily activities, chat with you, or sleep with you at night. Cats can ease the loneliness many people who live alone feel. 

They Provide Structure and Routine: Seniors who no longer work may struggle without a routine to follow. Having a cat can help create some structure and routine in a senior's life. Cats like being fed on a schedule. The litter box will require regular cleanings. These tasks can create a little structure in one's day. 

They Improve Mood: Science indicates that spending just 15-30 minutes a day cuddling, petting, or playing with your cat can improve your mood overall. This occurs as a result of a decrease in cortisol (stress hormone) and an increase in serotonin (a feel-good hormone). 

Decreased Risk of Dying from a Heart Attack: A 20-year-long study showed that people were 40% more likely to die from a heart attack if they had never owned a cat than people who either currently owned or previously owned a cat during their lifetime. 

Senior and cat

Senior Cats for Senior Citizens Programs

Many animal shelters and rescues offer discounts for seniors who want to adopt an adult cat. Here are just a few senior cats for senior citizens programs that go above and beyond to help senior cats find loving hommes with older people. 

Whiskers Pet Rescue Senior-to-Senior Program: Senior citizens are matched with a senior cat in the Whiskers Pet Rescue Senior-to-Senior Program. What's unique about this program is that senior citizens (aged 65 years and older) are made permanent fosters for older kitties (12 years of age and older). The rescue provides food, litter, and other necessary supplies to the foster. In addition, all veterinary care is covered by the rescue as long as the foster takes their kitty to the rescue's vet. All the foster needs to do is love and care for the senior cat in their home. It's a win-win for everyone involved. 

The Cat Network Seniors for Seniors: The Cat Network encourages senior citizens (aged 60 and older) to become fosters for older cats (aged seven years and older). A senior citizen can pick their own adoptable cat to foster or enlist the help of The Cat Network in matching them with one. All medical costs are provided for by the organization. The organization will also help with food and litter for those who are on a limited income. The organization will even provide volunteers to transport the foster kitty to vet appointments, if needed.

Animal Advocates Senior to Senior Foster Program: Senior cats are placed with eligible senior citizens (aged 65 and older) in this program. The organization covers all basic cat care costs, including food, litter, toys, treats, and veterinary care. The organization will also cover transportation costs for veterinary trips, if needed. Animal Advocates intends for senior citizens to become the senior cat's permanent foster. However, the organization will take a cat back if a senior citizen finds they can no longer take care of their kitty. 

It's mes, Carmine again. These sounds like great programs. Mes wishes there were more programs like these to help the older kitties get into loving homes. 

If yous bes a senior and have room in yours home and heart for a senior kitty, mes encourages yous to look at seniors for seniors programs near yous. Wes old kitties are pretty pawesome, and wes can give yous lots of love and companionship. 

Remember Me Thursday


  1. Our Groucho was about seven years when he came to our home...and he lived till he was around 18 or 19...he was a busy energetic kitty for many years, and mentored several kittens, some of which he even outlived!

  2. Beautiful post. I am glad there are places helping seniors adopt seniors.

  3. I'm almost 11 now and not too active, but I am glad to be an adopted kitty. Lynn wanted to bring home about 100 more, but I told her 10 years ago that I wanted her to myself. Wish all kitties had indoor homes. Precious

  4. We've always taken in the cats who were found wandering, after checking to make sure no one was looking for them of course. Most were kittens or young adults, but two were seniors. They, and our other kitties who lived to an old age, were the sweetest cats ever. It hurt when they left for the Bridge so soon, but I take comfort in having made them comfy in their later years.

  5. That's such a purrfect post for today and seniors for seniors is a match made in heaven!!!

  6. Senior kitties are an excellent match for senior people!

  7. Seniors for seniors is such an amazing program! And senior kitties DO rock. Many of our cats were already "seniors" when we adopted them, including Angels Graphite, Sammy, Gracie and Zoe!

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