Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Purrs and Prayers Needed for Carmine


Purrs and prayers
Thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for making this beautiful badge for Carmine. 

Hi everyone, it's the Mom here today with some news about Carmine.

Carmine has not been feeling well lately. He has not been eating very much. I suspected that his kidney disease was getting worse because his glucose has been pretty stable lately. 

I took him and Tylan to the vet on Tuesday for their kidney panels. Carmine lost a little more weight and is now down to 8.62. The vet is worried about the fact that he does not want to eat much.

I got Carmine's kidney numbers today, and they are as follows.

  • BUN: 52 (up from 45).
  • Creatinine: 2.9 (up from 2.7).
  • Phosphorus: 5.0 (up from 3.0).
  • Urine specific gravity: 1.018 (last was 1.019).
As you can see, his kidney values have stayed pretty stable, a little worse, but not enough to account for the big change we've seen in his eating. 

Carmine neutrophils are a little high. He may have a UTI so we are going to run him on a course of antibiotics for that.

Carmine's sugar has been running a bit on the lower side of normal, so we are keeping a close eye on that. Since he has not been eating well, there have been times where I have had to withhold his insulin so his sugar doesn't fall too much. 

We are increasing Carmine's appetite stimulant. We are also increasing his laxative as he is a little constipated from the pain medication he takes for his arthritis. We are hoping this will help.

I went home with a whole case of prescription a/d canned food for Carmine as he has always loved that. He isn't eating a lot of it, but he has been eating a little here and there. 

We are puzzled as to why Carmine doesn't want to eat. He is on anti-nausea medications, so nausea shouldn't be an issue at this point. 

I am going to book an appointment with an animal communicator. Hopefully Carmine will tell us what he wants or needs. I will get whatever it is for him. I just need to know what "it" is. So, if you have any animal communicator recommendations, please do let me know. 

In the meantime, we would appreciate purrs and prayers for Carmine. And if you can convince him to eat more, that would be wonderful. 


  1. Purrs from us for you and Carmine.

  2. We send you love and purrs.

  3. Whispers of Love with Linda Roberts Purring for Carmine.

  4. Mega purrs and prayers for you dear Carmine, we love you pal.

  5. I am sorry Carmine is having a tough time. I am praying for him. Has the vet recommended a phosphorous binder? I have an almost full bottle I can send you if the vet thinks he would benefit. XO

  6. We've been following Carmine's issues on Facebook and will continue to send purrs and prayers.

  7. We send Carmine POTP and purrayers that he is feeling better soon. It is great that he likes the c/d food - not all kitties are crazy about it !

  8. Healing purrz for Carmine. I hope you find why he won't eat.

  9. Sending healing purrs. Patch, Flower and Archer.

  10. Mum and I are sending lots of BIG healing purrs to you Carmine!!!!! Hugs too.
    Purrs, Julie