Monday, December 18, 2006

Cats Hate Change

If you have to change your cat's collar, be advised that you should change the collar to something very similar to the old collar. I learned this lesson the hard way when I had to change Milita's collar and again when I recently changed Carmine's.

Several months ago, i had to change Milita's collar because her safety clasp broke. Dave and I spent time picking out a collar we thought suited Milita. We brought it home and put it on her to no avail. She was terrified of this new collar. She ran around like something was chasing her and hid under things to hide from whatever she thought was trying to harm her. That night at 3AM she woke us up because she was so scared. She was practically shivering in my arms, so I took her collar off and put her next to me in my bed. She didn't budge an inch until I got up in the morning.

I attempted to put the collar on her a secod time only to discover she reacted the same way. She was still scared and immediately went under the table to hide. I finally figured out why she was so scared. Her new collar had a lower sounding bell than her old one had. This new bell sounded like Carmine's bell. Dave and I figured Milita thought Carmine was on her back and she was trying to escape from him.

I changed her collar to one that sounded similar to her old one, even though the bell she has is pretty hard to find. She's happy now.

So, if you need to get your cat a new collar, be sure it sounds and feels similar to its old one. If it doesn't you feline friend may not be too happy!

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  1. Kitties don't like change, just like us. Minnie doesn't like it when I bring company into the house because they are new humans that she doesn't know. It's taken her two months to warm to our granddaughter. But when she warms to you, she kneads and purrs, while we cuddle and kiss her. She's a love; just like the Billy Joel song, we love her just the way she is.